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It's been well established that Sue lusts after Namor, just as he does for her. In times of doubt and emotional turmoil, Sue has turned to Namor for comfort. It's even been hinted that the two might have been intimate when Sue thought Reed to be dead. In the end, however, Sue always comes home to her husband and children. Be it out of love or devotion, no one can really say.

But the question remains, who do you think Sue should be romantically involved with and why?

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She's with Reed out of convenience and necessity. She'd have been with Namor out of passion. Myself, I'm a hopeless romantic so I like to still believe that your what you feel in your heart should outweigh what you know with your mind.

Besides, Reed's a little bitch. I could apply the same reasoning to Jean Grey / Scott Summers / Wolverine. Jean shouldn't have wound up with the boy scout, either.


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I've often felt that she stays with him because that's what her morals tell her to do (RE: marriage, the kids). That's not to say that she doesn't still love him, but it's not what it once was. With his head always in his work, Reed's never there for her. That can't feel good. And remember, Sue fell for Reed when she was 12 years old. He was boarding at her aunt's house -- and was at least twice her age. It was a schoolgirl crush.

Despite being a king, Namor would live to serve Sue. However, he might not be the best catch either, seeing as how he's something out of a fairytale -- being the handsome prince (in this case king) -- and might not be able to live up to his idealized potential. But they both clearly long for one another. Even if it didn't last forever (RE: "...happily ever after"), it would be true love.

So my vote goes to Namor.

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