April 25th


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Sounds really good. The pilot you did on E2.N:TS was cool, despite (or possibly because of) the series starting off slightly slowly. To make it a true spin-off, you'll need to have James doing the intro before the theme music. Otherwise the two shows will blur into each other!

Oh, and I have NO intention of making Comic Reelief a separate spin-off. I might get more feedback, but the sporadic updating wouldn't be worth it, I don't think.

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Sweet. I'm a huge fan of the DCAU, especially the JLU and the New Batman Adventures. I've recently been delving into Superman: TAS, which is much better than I remember. I could give a monkeys about Static Shock or The Zeta Project but everything else is just gravy. Great idea guys! By the time you are done they'll be doing the second round of new animated films.

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Static is okay and Zeta was so-so from what I remember, but we have to get through them if we want to cover the true DCAU, of which they're a part.

See, that's what ticks me off: those two cartoons have been brought in as official cannon (even though Static wasn't originally part of the DCAU), but Teen Titans is left on the curb. If it were to be included, it would serve as a prequel to B:TAS.

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And Deathstroke is the shit. I want to talk about Slade eventually!!! :shakehead:

We'll get to TT. It's in continuity as far as I'm concerned. And I just learned something; according to Wiki:

On the pop-up factoid feature of "Superman: TAS Volume One" Teen Titan's is blatantly listed as being a part of the DCAU.

So we'll probably cover it between JL and JLU.

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That's the reason a lot of people leave Teen Titans outside of the DCAU, but there are subtle hints that it's actually inside the same universe:

Voice Actors

- Michael Rosenbaum voices both Flash and Kid Flash.

- Mike Erwin voiced Speedy in both TT and his one JLU appearance.


- Speedy, Kid Flash and Robin are all the same age in Teen Titans, and their ages remain consistent when we see them as adults in various cartoons later on as Speedy, Flash and Nightwing.

Background Easter Eggs

- Kid Flash's costume is in the Flash Museum.

- The "Wicked Scary" poster first appears in the Teen Titans episode "Fear Itself" and then later on in "Wake the Dead," a JLU episode.

- The pizza join the Titans eat at supposedly appears in a few episode of JLU.

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