Manhunt 2


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I was disappointed by the first game, which was great on paper but lost a lot in the execution. If they've learned from the first one and cleaned the gameplay up, this could be a whole lot of fun. Make the fighting engine a lot more like The Warriors and a lot less like The Karate Kid and you've got a pretty cool game.

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If the talented developers who created "Manhunt 2" put half as much effort into making the game fun as they did shocking, it might be worth picking up. But this is not the case as this disturbing violent game is simply an average adventure that delivers more kills than thrills -- not to mention some annoying technical glitches that can also mar the experience.


"Manhunt 2" has some disturbing violence and frustrating technical glitches.

To be clear, "Manhunt 2" disappoints not because it's controversial. In fact, Rockstar Games' infamous "Grand Theft Auto'' games are very entertaining digital diversions even if you strip away the mature theme -- but there's little substance to be found in this "Manhunt"' sequel.

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I rented it.

It is horrible.

It is not as bad as the first one, but it it is bad nonetheless.

The worst thing is the gameplay. The fighting engine is horrid. It is an improvement over the first game (The Karate Kid on NES would be an improvement over the first game) but the controls are horrid.

On top of that, the main attraction, the brutal "kills", are heavily censored. The screen gets all fuzzy, big lines are everywhere, difficult to know what on Gaia's green earth is going on.

Final Grade: F

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After spending more time with it, I'm starting to get the same feeling as I had for the first one. It's a novel concept, and with proper execution, it could have been a great game. There are some great additions, such as now allowing guns to be used for executions, but you just can't overlook the glaring flaws. The graphics are great, and I guess the more realistic look of this one compared to the first one is the reason for the censoring, but as i said before the controls are horrible, the camera is a pain in the ass, and overall for step taken in the right direction, there seem to be two taken back.

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It's a novel concept, and with proper execution, it could have been a great game.

Yep. To repeat what I said in the other thread, Manhunt 1 and 2 were crappy games with a truckload of potential. Metal Gear Solid with a horror theme. Improve the controls and the fighting engine and you have a classic. Too bad that what you wound up with was a steaming pile of poop.

And Rockstar is capable of so much more.

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