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Surprised no one's mentioned Dan Turpin's death in 'Apokalips...Now! pt 2'. Easily one of the top five most heart-wrenching moments of the entire DCAU.

I was thinking of that one myself.

Superman dropping "Oh come on, it's Lex Flipping Luthor" is a fave. That whole damn episode is tremendous.

There are a ton more. I'll have to ponder a bit.

Oh, and "That was your master plan, turning the entire human race into monkeys?" or something along those lines.

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This is an extremely hard thing to set to only 5. But I'll give it a try

5. Robin's Reckoning Parts 1 and 2(When Robin clearly seems to become Nightwing at the end of part 1, telling Alfred that Batman won't ever keep him out again)(Also when Robin begins to go berserk on Zucco with the motorcycle)

4. The Call Parts 1 and 2(When Superman and Bruce first see each other after so long)(When Bruce tells Terry the reason he has a small sample of Kryptonite, "Just in case he went rogue again")

3. The Demon's Quest Parts 1 and 2(The Count for Ubu, gotta love that, we also get the debut of Ra's Al Ghoul)

2. Hereafter Parts 1 and 2(Lobo fighting Kalibak and making him say "Uncle" lol)

1. Apokolips...Now Part 1 and 2(Basically great episode, but when Darkseid kills Turpin, that puts a staple on Superman's battle with Darkseid for the rest of the DCAU)

THE BEST: World's Finest parts 1, 2 and 3(Come on, the whole 3 parter, but to get specific, the fight between Mercy and Harley is comic genius, lol)

There are others that come to mind when I think about it. Like the Season Finale of Justice League, when Brainiac betrays Darkseid or the Series finale of the DCAU when Superman battles Darkseid and ultimately Lex saves the world. And how about the episode "Epilogue. " But those are the ones I wanted to note.

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Darkseid took Superman's best shot, got up and still kicked his ass. That says something.

You are right about the fact that Lex Luthor saved the world, but remember in the Superman: The Animated Series Series Finale, Superman kicked Darkseid's ASS, if Superman didn't show him mercy, he could have killed him. OMG! I completely forgot another great moment. Superman forcing Darkseid's Eye beams into his forehead, was unfreaking believable.

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I loved Alfred as Batman in the The Batman episode where Penguin kidnaps Bruce.

I guess I haven't really seen that much DC stuff outside of that and Batman: TAS, and I don't really remember any specific moments from that.

I know this a bump, but The Batman isn't in canon with the DCAU

My top 5 The Batman moments........ Damn haven't seen enough episodes. But my favorite was when Batman basically reveals to the JL that he has been monitoring their systems already(they thought he had no idea about the team) and is logged into their computer already... Classic Batman

And also the two-part Superman episide with Clancy Brown returning as Lex Luthor and controlling Poison Ivy, great episodes. I want to get the series. Thank you very much <_<

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I just read the original Alan Moore Story and then watch the episode For the Man who has Everything. The original story is different in the details but overall its a superb adaptation. The whole moment from Supes being released from the black mercy to the end of that fight with Mongul is just awesome, you don't see Superman let go like that very often.

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1. " Welcome to my world. " - Bruce Wayne passes the role of Batman down to Terry (Rebirth)

2. "Ears are too long, and I miss the cape. But not too shabby, not too shabby at all." - Joker meets a new Batman (BB RotJ)


3. Flash beats the shit out of Braniac/Luthor (Divided We Fall)


4. Superman's last fight with Darkseid (Destroyer)

5. Dick Grayson punches Batman and quits being Robin (Old Wounds)

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Guest DCAUFan1051
Anytime Bats interrogates someone, it automatically = win.

Batman: "Let me give you one piece of advice..."


Deadshot: "OKAY! OKAY! I'll talk!!"

Wonder Woman: "What did he say?"

Superman: "You don't want to know..."

And welcome to the forums!

was it ever revealed what batman said to him? Online anywhere?

I think off the top of my head in Secret Origins when Batman reluctantly uses the signal watch to call supes in. That was very good to me.... it wasn't often before or after that batman calls for help.

Or the moment in "The Dark Heart" where bats is falling he says he can't fly at all.... or something like that I can't remember exactly. That was kinda a funny moment.

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Let's see how good I can remember some of this stuff...

5. When "Lexiac" creates those Justice Lord drones to fight off the normal JLers in Divided We Fall, that was a very spine chilling moment and the fight scene was very nice aswell.

4. Harley Quinn's "Death" in ROTJ.

3. Superman taking down Supergirl in Legacy.

2. The entirety of Destroyer.

1. Batman dodging Darkseid's Omega Beam.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

1. Batman dodging Darkseid's Omega Beam.

Fuck yeah.

I think after Darkseid firing that the best part is how Batman lands on the para demon, and flips off of him.

Also the Justice Lord Batman saying "I Am Him" that was creepy good!

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1. Flash beating the shit out of Braniac/Lex (Divided We Fall)

2. Final fight between Superman and Darkseid

3. Justice Lords Superman Labotomizing (don't know how to spell it) Doomsday (A Better World Part 1)

4. Flash having a nice conversation with The Trickster (Flash and Substance)

5. Batman finding out Superman's identity "Touche" (World's Finest Part 1)

6. "Aha, 32 flavors" (I forget what episode)

And I can't believe nobody put the Lex Luthor transformation into Lexiac

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