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I thought the ending was pretty fantastic, personally.

So, for those unaware (which seems to be 90% of the internet), this "Power/Rangers" film is basically intended to be a satire of Hollywood's "make it grimdark" trend, but taken to an extreme. There was an NSFW version on Vimeo (it had boobs) but apparently it got pulled sometime today.

It's definitely nothing I'd want to see Power Rangers actually do (it basically contradicts nearly everything PR is about), but it's really neat as a satirical darkest timeline thing.

More thoughts:

-Nice use of the PR mythology from season 1 through Turbo. Making Rocky a traitor asshole is a great idea, and the way they handle the Kimberly/Tommy/Jason triangle (which was 95% cut from the Turbo movie) is really clever.

-Bulk and Skull being legitimate villains is an awful idea, but then this is the darkest timeline, so whatever.

-I always liked the idea of Rita being treated like a genuinely creepy villain, so the ending twist is pretty fantastic.

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I watched it this morning (caught the one on Vimeo before it got taken down) and I do like the mythology gags and all but, overall, it just didn't gel for me. Rocky continues to be horrible and I love how so many b-list actors seem to be willing to do what amounts to someone's fan film.

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Because I'm in that mood, Grant Morrison's keynote at Disinfocon. He got drunk and dropped acid beforehand. As someone who has done exactly that, it is fascinating to watch, and I would base money on the fact that around minute 28 is where the booze wore off and the acid kicked in (because that's how it works). A really interesting treatise on magic and modern life.

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My new feminine ideal is somewhere between Emily Blunt's "No Diggity" and Anne Hathaway's "Wrecking Ball."

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This is actually pretty fucking hysterical.

If you’re here for the wedding of Robbie Stark

Keep the car running there’s no need to park

He’s not going to make it through the niiiiiiight!

9:10 on KILLS it.

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