Reel Dread - A Muse in Lovecraft: Spotlighting Stuart Gordon


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As I mentioned in my two earlier director spotlights, there is a tendency for the best of directors to do variations on a theme. John Carpenter is fascinated with the conflict found in the classic western Rio Bravo, and both he and Guillermo del Toro seem to enjoy exploring fantastical elements which cling to the other side of reality’s fabric. But there is no real precedent for a director who adapts the works of a single author as the brunt of his filmography - save Stuart Gordon. Yes, Roger Corman has his excellent cycle of Poe films, but they're but a small blip in his huge (and mostly laughable) collection of works. But Corman is a good comparison to make for Gordon. Unlike Carpenter and del Toro, Stuart is unquestionably a director of B films. Good B films, but B films nonetheless.

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