Travis Charest on Captain America?!


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On the latest Joe Fridays on Newsarama, JQ mentioned in passing that he has been looking at TC Cap art. I listened to the Pod of Horror (a horror literature podcast) and David Morrell (writer of First Blood, the book the movie is based on) mentioned he's doing a Cap miniseries and he wasn't allowed to mention the artist.


David Morrell and Travis Charest on Captain America!

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Does anythink with the fact that the Captain America book will be about Cap's memory and his legacy, we could see an arc set during WW2 told in flash back? I would love a Brubaker story of Cap, Logan and Bucky in WW2 or all of the Invaders during WW2

I've made no secret that my ultimate dream-job would be to write a WW2 book that begins with Logan and a few of the European Invaders and continues on to Cap and Bucky joining when the US got involved.

Supernazis and uncooperative Communists and a Kamikaze Super Squad from Japan...christ! I'd love to do that.

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If he only produced one book a year, I'd buy it.

That's a pretty big "if" :angel:

I met him at the SDCC one year, really cool, personable guy. Surprisingly, my buddy and I were the only ones in line for his booth. Got him to sketch Morpheus from The Sandman for me, on the backing board of one of the books I'd just bought. I was seriously standing there, shooting the shit with him for half an hour while he worked on it. The dude's awesome, but slow as can be.

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Turns out Travis will be doing the covers for this comic. Well, half of them. There will be a 50 / 50 cover split for each issue, with Travis and Breitweiser sharing the duties.

Well that officially drains the steam out of that!

I want some Charest interiors!

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