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Sarah Lane used to have a segment about downloadable applications. What was it called?

I'm looking for something she once recommended but I can't find it, so I'm thinking I'd have an easier time locating the app if I knew the name of her old segment.

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Yeah, there was a "Download of the Day" segment, but the back of my mind is screaming that it was on Call for Help, not The Screen Savers. It's wrong though, Wiki says it's "Download of the Day."

All the show notes, like ever, are probably still around somewhere. What era of the show would this be in?


Also this from Sarah's Wiki page:

She also produced weekly segments entitled Sarah's Damn Good Website, which showed off amusing or entertaining websites, Damn Good Downloads, which demonstrated exactly what it sounds like and Gems of the Internet which found oddities on the Internet. She also produced a daily news segment entitled The Feed
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I miss that show...hell I miss the early days of Attack of the Show with Kevin P./Kevin R./Sarah/Brendan.

My favorite shows were when Megan Moronie was on The Screen Savers. Back when Morgan Webb was a blonde, X-Play was called Extended Play, and Call For Help was hosted by Chris Pirillo.

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