I just Got a DS


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I personally recommend:

- Kirby Canvas Curse

- Pokemon Diamond / Pearl

- Mario Kart DS

And though I haven't played the following games, I've heard really good things about them:

- Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

- Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

- Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

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Welcome to the club, The Castlevania games are really good, also there's a game called 42 all time classics which is a great way to kill a couple of minutes. Plus don't forget GBA games like the Final Fantasy advance games

I really tried to get into FF tactics advance but just couldn't. Which is strange since FF tactis for PS1 is an all time favorite of mine.

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Depends on your taste, really. If you're into FF games another game that would be smart to pick up would be FFIII remake. I also enjoyed Mario and Luigi RPG for the DS, which was really good.

If you don't mind text based games, then both Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Hotel Dusk would be some solid purchases. Especially Hotel Dusk which I really enjoyed, though I had to use a strategy guide on it many times as there were points I was just flat out stuck on and couldn't do anything.

Tetris DS. I know, it's for the most part the same game as the rest. It has a couple of different modes to play, but it's still really fun and I haven't played any DS game Online more than that game. There's actually a huge variety of puzzle games I'd like to try for the DS if I ever have the time to get to them.

I cannot reccomend the Castlevania games enough. If you haven't fancied the series before, chances are these won't change your mind. But if it's your first time, I highly recomend at least giving one of them a try.

If you'd like some Online titles, than games like Metroid Hunters and Animals Crossing would be solid. Never played Metroid first hand, but I have heard good things about it. If you don't mind using the touch screen to move, it should be a solid purchase.

Age of Empire is suppose to be pretty good and is a strategy game, which is the type of game you like. I own it, but haven't really gotten around to playing it since I've been fouced on Phoenix Wright and my newly purchased Wii. My little brother likes it if that counts for anything.

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