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I finally threw down the cash for Xbox Live, and all I have to say is WOW! Some dude from Wales just kicked my ass in Top Spin, and I couldn't be happier! It's so cool to think that I just played someone 4000 miles away without ever leaving the comfort of my own home. Again, I say, "WOW!"

Anyway, I figured we could use this thread to post our handles.

Mine is Weapon 0 -- that's a zero, not an oh.

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I have a question. If I get the wireless network adapter can you connect to the Xbox live marketplace because i cant connect my Ethernet cables anywhere in my house. If that makes sense.I can be a retard.

The wireless network adapter (which is what I use to connect to Xbox Live) allows you to do anything an ethernet cable would. You access Xbox Live Marketplace through your Xbox 360 Dashboard. You need to make sure you have a wireless network set up and a router.

It's kinda funny--I bought a wireless adapter for the 360 before I even bought a 360 because I knew I'd be using it 100% of the time I need to be online.

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