Superman: Man of Steel

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Kevin Spacey will return as Lex Luthor in "Superman: Man of Steel" and appear in "Telstar," Nick Moran's film version of Moran and James Hicks' 2005 darkly comic West End play about flamboyant '60s record mogul Joe Meek.

"Superman" director Bryan Singer met with Spacey in New York while the latter was appearing on Broadway in Eugene O'Neill's recently wrapped "Moon for the Misbegotten." Singer was about to pitch his "Man of Steel" sequel to Warner Bros.; "Superman Returns" scripter Michael Dougherty is now writing the screenplay.

After Singer completes "Valkyrie" and "The Mayor of Castro Street," he plans to start production on "Man of Steel" next year for a 2009 release.

Spacey hopes to shoot his Luthor role in a six-week block, as he did on "Superman Returns," after he completes his run in David Mamet's "Speed the Plow" in April.

So the sequel is officially called Superman: Man of Steel.

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I really liked Superman Returns.

Yeah me too. I liked the fact that the kid was supermans son...

I liked the implication that Lois had given birth to Supermans' son when in the movie lore her memory of getting together with Supes was wiped. Why is she not more angry that she was unknowingly impregnated? Its hilarious.

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I'm not really sure about Toyman or Metallo as villlians for a movie. Though I do think there should be a villian he..... ya know........... fights in the movie. Maybe its just and I'm by no means an avid Superman reader but I think of it as Supes has 4 great villians Luthor, Brainiac, Doomsday and Darkseid. Metallo and Toyman just don't get me excited for a flick add to that the having of 2 villians to begin with. It just does not get me excited at all.

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Please be true.......

Today's Variety suggests that the 'Superman' franchise may be headed for a 'Hulk'-style "do over" after the lackluster performance of Bryan Singer's attempt a few years back. That's what some industry insiders are claiming, although Warner Bros. is publicly stating that plans call for a conventional sequel.

What is certain is that screenwriters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris have bowed out of the sequel's development. The pair had teamed with Singer on 'X2: X-Men United' and 'Superman Returns', and were expected to write the script for 'Superman: The Man of Steel'.

At this point the official line is that Dougherty and Harris are too busy with other projects. Dougherty recently written and directed "Trick 'R Treat" at WB as his first pic. Harris is writing and directing the book adaptation "I, Lucifer."

Warner Bros. downplays talk that the much-disparaged "super boy" plot element and the soft box office have them scrambling to reimagine 'Superman' again. Instead they insist that Singer and Routh will return to deliver an action-packed sequel.

Clearly, launching an all-new 'Superman' would only further add to the brand confusion the character may be suffers. Currently there are two actors, Brandon Routh and Tom Welling, portraying the man of steel in live action ventures. When 'Justice League' launches there will be a third.

At this point a new writing team has not been named for 'Man of Steel'.

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They were incredibly nice and superbly apologetic about it, but when they discussed the matter seriously DC explained just how associated I am with Marvel Comics at the moment and it's against company policy to hire the competition.

Erm, they hired Bryan Singer from the X-Men franchise to DIRECT Superman Returns!! That's the weakest excuse I've heard for anything in ages.

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That's different. Millar is actually exclusive to Marvel. He's very much a Marvel guy. On the other hand, Singer is a Hollywood guy who directed a film for Fox. Yes, it was a Marvel property, but he's still a Hollywood guy.

Two films, the second of which being especially successful and cementing the X-Men series as franchise. Then again, I wasn't aware of the contracts that bind comic writers, so I retract my statement. Still, judging by this example of enthusiasm, DC should be looking long and hard at their own staff writers for someone passionate enough to salvage their franchise, rather than a Hollywood guy and his screenwriter pals.

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Another smokescreen. Millar was never seriously considered (a first-time scriptwriter for a film with a budget exceeding 100 million? Right).

He's doing everything he can to tie himself to the Superman franchise like his ludicrous bet during production of the first film.

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'Superman Returns' actor Brandon Routh says the Hollywood writers strike spells temporary kryptonite for the 'Man of Steel' sequel.

In speaking with Routh said that the new Superman film is, "supposed to be happening. They're going to be getting the script written here after the writer's strike, so we'll start next year some time."

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