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The source article on the Cranston "confirmation" also says some other interesting things...

Factoring in that WB has yet to say anything on the subject, that article (the idea that Affleck would willingly put himself in what is practically slavery when he has the beginnings of a successful directing career is just stupid), and that a fair amount of the major news outlets aren't reporting it as more than a rumor this all leads to my bullshit meter starting to rise on this entire Byran Cranston thing.

Edited to add: And then I see some of the other so-called exclusives from the site that started the Cranston rumor and I'm calling total bullshit.

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I have faith in the actors cast. Its the script and story that if anything will most likely disappoint.

Bryan Cranston is a great actor who excels in programs like Breaking Bad because his good work is backed up by the great writing.

If MOS 2 doesn't give him or Affleck powerful moments to shine in, it doesn't matter who they cast.

In my opinion MOS did not get the best out Henry Cavil or Michael Shannon.

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When will people learn their lesson about judging performances before they see them? I am so sick of seeing people complain about casting in comic book movies, I can't remember the last time someone was cast in an iconic roll and didn't get flack from fans. Seriously, everybody calm down and have a little more faith in these great actors.


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I finally watched Man of Steel today. I didn't hate it.

It's at least forty-five minutes too long and the loving attention to violence borders on fetishistic (i.e., it's a Zack Snyder film). However, I am totally sold on Henry Cavill as Superman, the action was fairly exciting in places, and Laurence Fishburne makes a very strong case for Most Badass Perry Ever. It was awesome to finally see Superman fucking hit something.

I can understand totally why the end bothered so many people. Clark was put in an impossible position and did something unthinkable. However, this is the story of how Clark becomes Superman, and it's something he will never do lightly again.

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Also, as someone who came of age in the pre-Crisis, WGBS era, I found myself asking "Is... is that Steve Lombard?"

You're not the only one. Every scene he was in, I sat there and thought, "no, he's too bald and wimpy to be Lombard." But he was. Which I guess fits his personality more anyway, but whatever.

I hope "Jenny Olsen" gets the Smallville Season 8 treatment, though.

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*does research*

So. There was a photo released by WB before the movie's release with a caption that had her named as Jenny Olsen. In some photos you can see her name tag, which reads "Jenny Jurwich." In the credits she's just "Jenny."

If I had to guess, I'd say they wanted her to be Jenny Olsen at some point but changed plans.

In any case, I still want her to be given the Smallville Season 8 treatment.

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I'm also really digging the commentary/making of/interviews/split screen thing. I like that they're finding a way to spruce up the commentary track with this multifaceted behind the scenes and making use of all the extra room that the Blu Ray has available.

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