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I really want to buy Crimson Skies and Links 2004 for the Xbox, Ultimate Muscle for the GameCube, Mario & Luigi for the GBA, and dozens of other titles... but haven't. It's not the money -- if I really want something I'll go out and buy it -- it's the simple fact that I have tons of other games I've yet to play. For instance, I bought Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Beyond Good & Evil, and Civilization III all about the same time, yet I haven't played them once! So how can I justify to myself buying another game when I have perfectly good ones sitting unopened on my shelf?

So, with that said, what games (or peripherals) have you been meaning to buy but haven't? And why not?

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I actually bought Beyond Good and Evil right when it turned 20 bucks, and after all this time it's still in the wrapper waiting to get opened.

As for games I'd like to buy, I've actually thought about Spinx and Hitman a whole lot recently. Phantasy Star Online 3 would be a cool edition to have, but doubt I'll ever get it. Mario Brothers 3, Mario and Luigi, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, that Lufia game for GBA, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow for GC, there's just waaaaaaaay too many games I'd like to own and I know I'm definitely missing quite a few from this list.

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I wasn't the biggest fan of THPS4, but I've not completely giving up on the series yet.

Don't get me wrong -- it wasn't horrible. It just could have been better. Here's a review I wrote for a skater mag.

Like it or not, there's no doubt that Tony Hawk owns the gaming world -- at least when it comes to skating titles.  His grasp on the home video game market has been tight since the first game in the series, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (PlayStation), took the world by storm.  But even with four über-successful games and millions of dollars under their belt, the team of Hawk and Activision weren't satisfied.  (Or they knew they were wearing the franchise thin.)

So when it came time to produce the fifth game in the series, some major changes were in order.  Besides the title, this time around the game's about you -- that is, if you're a wannabe from Jersey trying to outrun drug dealers while saving your friend's life; and let's not forget that you're trying to learn new tricks and find sponsors on your way to the top, so you can impress Mr. 900 and his friends.

Even if that's not who you are (or who you want to be), you can still be in the game with the feature that sets this title apart: face mapping.  This revolutionary technique allows gamers and wannabes to upload a portrait that can later be mapped onto your skater, and thus, you are born -- at least in the digital realm.

The story, however, is little more than Grand Theft Auto-light (the game is rated Teen, after all).  Ditching overheating cars into the river, causing security guards to have heart attacks, and taking out rival hot nut dealers has nothing to do with making it to the top and detracts from what the game should be about -- skating.

Despite the breathtaking graphics that will have even non-gamers stopping for a look at the screen and a soundtrack that features both underground (Blue Collar Special, Frog 1) and mainstream bands (Queens of the Stone Age, KISS), the lack of replay value, weak story, and quick gameplay hardly make it worth the time.

Bail 02

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