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So Anthony Hopkins is being a dick. Greeeeeaaat...

He's earned the right to be a dick.

I don't think anyone has the right to be a dick.

Unless their name is Dick. Then it's okay.

That's exactly the sort of attitude that lets Cheney get away with it.

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Like the fact that they're going with the modern Thor design, since that's probably one of my favourite costumes going right now. Still, does anyone else get a light rubber batsuit feel off that? The chain arms seem a little too defined.

Still, a good special effects budget and some great godlike fights will go a long way to making Thor feel great. I hope they're basing it on JMS's revival, they can just say that Ragnarok occurred thousands of years ago and Thor is trying to revive the gods from their human forms now, with Loki trying to stop him.

REally hope we get a Thor vs real world stuff fight too, just to show how powerful he is. This dude should be shown to be Marvel's big gun.

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Wow, That's pretty fuckin' bad. I hope this is an early concept. What's up with the leather pants and motorcycle boots. Fuckin' gay! Oh my fuckin' god, I hate this! Is that really what he's gonna look like? Holy Fuck! Does he look even remotely like an immortal Asgardian God of Fucking Thunder too anyone? Anyone? He looks like some fuckin' cos-play douche bag fan boy. It's like they took the guy from fuckin Nickleback and dressed him up in some home made costume made outta' fuckin' tupperware and their mom's tablecloth. Holy Shit!

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So it looks O.K., but not great, right? But be assured, this is in fact the costume -- IGN has seen the real thing, and in action no less. And we can tell you to calm your trembling heart, dear reader, for the costume looks much cooler than these pictures would indicate -- not as plastic in motion. Indeed, it looks pretty badass.

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