Horrorfind: THE RETURN!


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Yup yup, it's that time of the year again. Time for Dubs to blow a shitload of money at the local Horrorfind convention. Once again, I documented the journey.

Bootleg DVDs, D-level celebrities, and porn await...


The Dealer room, or as I call it, the Money pit. All the wonderful novelty items that you could ask for, including DVD movies of questionable legal origin.


No clue what this was promoting, it just looked cool. Seriously, you'd think there'd at least be a sign that said "buy the movie two tables over!" or something. Nope.


Movie posters and such. You'll also notice that this guy was selling back issues of Playboy from the past 50 years or so. He was also selling swords...


I finally caved in and bought a Cloud Buster sword replica, officially putting me in a category of nerd that I'll never be able to return from. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! What else was this jack-of-all-trades salesman offering?


... yeah. Once again, this was all at the SAME TABLE. Swords, comics, and fetish porn. Why the hell hasn't Target or Wal-mart jumped on that market?


It was very tempting not to pick up one of these with such poetic wordplay such as this.


This is some guy that was dressed like the Toxic Avenger in a dress. For some reason he kept running away when I tried to take his picture, begging the question as to why he wore the outfit in the first place. Even more staggering is the idea that he might not have been wearing a costume. That might just be his casual wear.


Good old Double M next to yours truly. It should be noted that they were pimping Halloween EVERYWHERE at this thing.


Upstairs at the "Celebrity" room. Again, note that there's a Halloween poster every two feet on the wall.




The table for Ernie Hudson, of Ghostbusters and The Crow fame. I took a pic of the table because he no-showed, much to my shagrin.


My haul at the end of the day:

A shitload of free posters, fliers, and whatnot

Two wooden swords

Cloud Buster Sword

Friday the 13th T-shirt

All three DVDs in the Guinea Pig series (which was my big thing this year)

Gojira (Godzilla, for my better half)

Terror Toons

DOA: The Movie (was this shit EVER in theaters?)

Land of the Dead Poster signed by Tom Savini

Kane - See No Evil Film Piece (no, I didn't pay for it)

Jaws 3D/Amityville 3D/Friday the 13th 3D w/ cheap paper 3D glasses

Uzimaki (Spiral)

Supergirl (free bootleg)

Friday the 31st (free Myers vs Jason bootleg fan film)

Resident Evil Chaos (free fan film)

Nightmare on Elm Street keychain


Even better, I was informed that the convention is now going to be done TWICE a year, so I'll be back in March to blow even more money. All and all a fun time yet again. May do another review segment with Amy if there's some interest.

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Sweet Jesus DW!

A Guinea Pig fan? I would have never guessed. I think that with so many swords you won't be finding bags of burning crap on your front porch any time soon. I listened to and liked that segment you did last year. Go for it, mang!

PS That Gojira box is gorgeous and looooong overdue. Love it!

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Sweet Jesus DW!

A Guinea Pig fan? I would have never guessed. I think that with so many swords you won't be finding bags of burning crap on your front porch any time soon.

Not so much a fan, more of a collector of rare horror (along with weapons and video games). I have Cannibal Holocaust and Murder.Set.Pieces in my collection and ended up hating both of them.

As for the swords, that's not even 1/16th of my collection!

I might record something, but right now I have a lot of X-men episodes to watch (and possibly review).

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