Lost Boys 2

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ShockTillYouDrop.com has exclusively learned from an anonymous source that the vampire-slayin' Frog Bros. - Feldman and Jamison Newlander - are indeed returning for the next "Lost" adventure...and so is Corey Haim, reprising his role as Sam Emerson.

Lensing begins, with P.J. Pesce (From Dusk Till Dawn 3) at the helm, a week from Monday.

On the newcomer tip, we've also been informed Angus Sutherland - Keifer's half-brother (and son of Donald Sutherland and Francine Racette) - will star as this film's big bad vamp.

Tad Hilgenbrink (next seen in the upcoming Amusement) and Autumn Reeser ("The O.C.") have been cast as the leads.

Yay, another movie to ruin the memories of my childhood.

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'Lost Boys 2' is coming to DVD in 2008. Screenwriter Hans Rodionoff, who wrote the film, has been tapped to to write a DC Comics mini-series that bridges the gap between the sequel and it's classic predecessor.

Variety Bags and Boards Blog reports plans for a 4-issue run, illustrated by Joel Gomez, whose credits include Wetworks.


I like that idea. I also like that it's a straight to dvd movie.

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The Frog Brothers will be in the sequel, but Corey Haim, who was the biggest supporter of the sequel, mentioning it everywhere he went as something he wanted to do, is not going to be in it. He has copped out. Corey Feldman who eventually agreed, because of Corey Haim wanting it so badley has said he was very upset, but he is sticking with the project since he made a committment. I saw pics from the film and Feldman actually styled his hair the way he had it in the first film, its pretty cool. We all know that a sequal or remake would make us all think, What the hell? Both are bad ideas, but we will still watch it, as fans of the first.

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While the movie does look terrible, it dosen't look as terrible as i thought it would be.

I thought it was pretty cool that the movie looks like your typical teen horror movie that's been coming out for the last ten years or so, but then Edgar Frog walks in lol. It's almost like on a meta level, Corey Feldman looking like he stepped literally right out of Lost Boys is coming back to reclaim the throne, and show these punk kid filmmakers how it's supposed to be done.

It will probably suck, but i still hold out some hope that it might be good.

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Okay first off let me tell everyone that I went into this film with very low expectations. To have a direct to DVD movie come out 20+ years after the original is doomed for comparisons, criticism, etc

With that said now I will go with a short review.

The film was better than I expected but don't think I mean it was good film, not by any means. Corey Feldman in the film does a decent job, but like his character in the original he is a bit over the top. That's the good point from the film. Watching the film you felt very much like it was just another teen film, mixed with vampires. Not what someone wants to watch.

True the original was very much like that, but it had suspense, a good storyline and decent action(no to mention Edward Herrmann was a great last minute villain before he became Richie Rich's father).

Angus Sutherland as the main vampire Shane was a decent enough portrayal, but he played the character so much like Kiefer Sutherland played David, when it had to do with the vampire scenes. Not a bad performance, but still made me keep thinking about Kiefer.

The brother and sister in the story are given little backstory and even less time to really care for them. Mostly the scenes that stole the film for me was Corey Feldman and the anticipated(at least for me)to see Corey Haim again in a film. What I felt watching this film, was that it seemed like they recycled some of the first film's set points and modernized it. I heard that WB wanted to remake the film originally, since Joel Schumacher wasn't going to be in it. I guess in a sense they did, but with failed results.

One of my favorite scenes are very much bookended:

First you got the beginning, where we see our main group of vampire(before their reveal)going on the property of Tom Savini. When he comes upon the group thinking of them as mere disrespectful kids, he reveals that he is a vampire, in which the kids do the same and they ripped him apart. Amazing

The second part that was good, had to do with Corey Haim's entrance in the film, which was of course was at the end durng the credits. Apparently he turned into a vampire over the years(possibly his brother remained a vampire)and there is some bitterness between them(I'm guessing without saying it Sam was the one who killed Edgar's brother). Edgar warns Sam not to come closer, cause he doesn't want it to go down like this. Sam doesn't listen and as they attack each other black out.

The way the film is shot was great and the remix of "Cry Little Sister" by Aiden is a decent one. But I still prefer the Sisters of Mercy version. Curiously they put this song at the same moment they put the original song in one of the first film's deleted scenes.

Anyway, I can recommend buying it on DVD for those, like me who have complete their collections. If you are just a casual fan, than please just go rent it or order it. It's just a filler for your off day. Nothing more.

5 out of 10

To watch for free and judge for yourself, go here:


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This movie was alright. The whole time that i was watching this I thought that the frog brotrherws were going to come out and kick ass, but you only ever got one of them. That was he only reason that I wanted to see this, and i was really dispointed. I say you only rent this if you want to, but really that is it.

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