Halloween: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Contest


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Halloween: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Contest

Celebrate the premier of Rob Zombie's Halloween, a bold re-imagining of John Carpenter's horror classic, by entering to win the Halloween: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. For a chance to win, simply e-mail your name and address to halloween-contest@earth-2.net. Winners will be selected by random draw, and announced on 31 August -- the same day Michael Myers returns to the big screen.


- "These are the eyes"

- Halloween 2007 by Tyler Bates

- "Is the boogieman real?"

- (Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

- "Are you saying Michael did this?"

- Love Hurts by Nazareth

- "I hope she likes cripples"

- Baby, I Love Your Way (live) by Peter Frampton

- "A taco deluxe supreme"

- Tom Sawyer by Rush

- "Driven by pure animal instinct"

- Let It Ride by Bachman-Turner Overdrive

- "Trick or treat, baby"

- God of Thunder by Kiss

- "Satan's mother"

- 1969 by Iggy Pop

- "Talking about the Anti-Christ"

- Only Women Bleed by Alice Cooper

- "Needs to get laid"

- Halloween II by The Misfits

- "Was that the boogieman?"

- The Shape Stalks Laurie by Tyler Bates

- "The Scream"

- Mr. Sandman by Nan Vernon

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