Justice League/LXG Poll #3

James D.

Who wins?  

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Both are mechanical and technological geniuses. They are brilliant detectives in their own rights. They provide their respective leagues with all the technology they have. Both are skilled in innumerable fighting styles. They are also both the most mysterious and secretive members of their groups. This would be one amazingly cool fight.


Simply, who is the better tactician/fighter? Not a fight to the death--a fight of honor.

Nemo cannot call upon the Nautilus because that would be blatantly unfair (plus it would be impossible in this setting). Batman, therefore, cannot use the Batboat, Batwing or Batmobile. Nemo has his scimitar, but Batman will also have a sword at his side.

Place: A library--10 floors high with open ceilings which allows for jumping and scaling walls/cabinets high up.

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