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Two words: GameCube controller.

Two words: GameCube controller.

I echo this. Waaaay better than the Wiimote. Can't speak for the classic controller as I've never had one before, but everyone I've spoken to feels the GameCube controller is far superior with Brawl.

I'm actually getting used to the classic controller now and have finally tried the solo story.

that's quite fun, though maybe because I've played it for like three hours straight, it felt a bit repetitive.

Ah well fun game, awkward at first controls.

Guess I'll need to find that game cube controller.

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You can get one used at Gamestop for like $15. I just went ahead and got a new controller for $25 because I didn't particularly care for the sticky shit all over the used ones at my local store...

yeah, i think i have an old one in my basement.

I know what you mean about the sticky shit, it's the one thing you cant skimp on, controllers as the disc you can put away but the controller you continually use.

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I got the 80% and have no idea what to do next either so I mainly play Brawls and go on the Wii-Fi Network and battle. I love this game though. Melee for Gamecube was better in some ways and this is better in others. Mostly the new characters, weapons and levels is what makes this game. But for speed of the game and characters Melee is better.

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