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Ok, so Night Thrasher was supposedly killed in Stamford, but no body was ever found. Now, a guy calling himself Night Thrasher is leading the New Warriors again. Is this the same guy, or someone else? They have been hinting at both.



In New Warriors #4 he used a formula to shrink two cops, and Hank Pym said it reminded him of something Bill Foster came up with, and said whoever he was, he was a genius.

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Over in World War Hulk Foster's nephew is running around. Could it be him?

After a quick check of Wiki, I found this:

In Black Panther #23, Bill Foster's nephew Tom, a student at M.I.T. informs the Black Panther that he intends to follow in his uncle's footsteps by cracking the Pym Particle formula and becoming a hero. The Panther promises to help him achieve his goal. He has recently appeared in The Incredible Hulk #107 watching the fight between Iron Man and the Hulk.

So that's my guess: Tom Foster.

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