Tranquil Tirades: Sonic the Hedgehog OVA


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Anyone who has conversed with me on the forums or simply reads my posts there probably knows at least two things about me: I love anime, and I love Sonic the Hedgehog. Common sense would dictate that I would love an OVA (original video animation) anime movie featuring the iconic blue blur. Was this the case? Uh... nope. Not even close. Sadly, in the case of the Sonic the Hedgehog OVA, that is about as far from reality as it gets. From the inconsistent animation, to the confusing script, to the plot holes, to the character butchering, topped off with some truly annoying voice acting, there was little joy to be had from watching this movie. There were plenty of headaches for me, though -- mainly from banging my head into my desk trying to figure out what the hell was happening at any given moment.

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James, I know you disagree, but I think this review was hilariously awesome! The "10 Questions" format is something I'd like to see again.

It's not that I think it's bad--I just think it isn't as good as my previous work. Plus, I think I can build off each previous paragraph when I do my reviews like I normally do (a la Street Fighter). Obviously, it's harder to do that when each paragraph is completely different than the previous. I'm already 2 pages into my next review because I'm writing it as I normally do.

And it will be grand. :devil:

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I need to see this like, yesterday.

:ohmy: I am astounded that you haven't seen it yet.

As for my next review, all I'll say right now is that it will be another anime OVA review; and it is based off two of my favorite PS2 games ever. By the way, Mike, I am LOVING these banners you're making. :wub:

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