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Your going to get me another sandwich. Or so help, I will cut your face up so bad, all you'll have is a chin.(Turns to writers) YOU WILL ALL HAVE CHINS!

Dear god, why did it take me so long to get into this show.

Also, you know what show I hate these days that I use to enjoy? Deal or no deal(UK version) it's so fucking shit these days, the people are just no that interesting and the show is getting more and more about people I don't like or care about trying to tell sad stories and why they need the money. And then when they are shown to be greedy fuckers, who lose all the money they could have had, we're supposed to feel sorry for them.

Also, people in America, should check out UK version of Dragons Den, it is awesome.

Christ, I go away for one class and everything goes all insane.

You missed the fun. We had hats. I had a blue one.

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"Sandwich Day" is a great episode.

"The Head and the Hair" and "Black Tie" from season one are also pretty amazing. And anything with Dennis Duffy in it.

Black tie was awesome. The inbred prince taking a shine to Jenna, oh and Jacks Ex-wife was awesome.

I'm looking forward to the Steve Martin episode in season 3, as that was the only episode I'd seen before from start to finish on TV.

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I think my favorite joke (not the funniest, my favorite) from this recent season is the recent Boston episode:

Jack: "What Lemon? You mean to tell me you don't use an office replication service when you travel on business?"

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