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The Roman Catholic confession app is awesome, mostly because in it's myriad list of sins the only ones I'm not guilty of are a few stragglers like actively encouraging people to have abortions. I almost want to do it just so I can complete the set.

The Pope says you can't use that app, so add another sin for using it.

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I've never heard of most of the nominees on the Grammys. What a shitfest and rigged award show.

I know. I’m pissed off by Bieber’s loss too.

I've never heard any of his songs, but at least he actually sells albums. To be album of the year, you would expect the winner to be one of the top sellers of the year.

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There were a lot of great music releases last year. Not much that was nominated for a Grammy, but whatever.

I guess I just… did people ever care about these awards? I love music but it’s not something I ever paid any attention to. I’m not too bothered by Arcade Fire winning the same award that Taylor Swift won last year.

And personally, I’m fine with a relatively unknown artist like Esperanza winning the best new artist award, since by all accounts she’s worked hard to get to where she is. Regardless of how much the award actually means, she’ll get a bit more attention and her music might reach people it wouldn’t have previously.

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So, just for kicks, I started watching the first episode of G.I. Joe: Renegades. During the intro, it does a roll call of the JOEs, and something caught my eye:


Scarlett's real first name is Shana.

So then I'm thinking, "Shana, Shana... where have I seen that name before?" and then it clicks: Mike's fiancee.

Something tells me this is not a coincidence.

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