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Housemate: Apparently [our son's] teachers aren't in the strike later this week, they aren't in the right union.

Me: That because they aren't teachers, the entire school is run by a very enterprising group of paedophiles.

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While that is hilarious and very witty, it also points out what the anti gays are afraid of. If you legalise marriage, next is adoption, then the next thing is gay people raising gay kids and soon enough, there won't be any straight people left, just lesbian baby machines. Run for the hills!

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That is one of the funniest things I've seen, is it real though? Why would is it being videoed? Do people tape themselves working out?

It's not that uncommon. I've known a few people that do it as a psychological thing.

That being said, it's the internet, so probably not.

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One advantage to temporary unemployment: I get to sleep in! Kind of.

Also, have kind of decided to bite the bullet and apply for second shift at Toppers; that way, if any of the actual jobs I've applied for hire me, I'll still be able to work during the day/3rd shift, get some extra income at night, and just have some actual income for right now as a pad.


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The guy I just got off the phone with was a total fucking retard.

HIM: Did you do this paperwork?

ME: You sent it to the wrong fax number. We didn't get it.

HIM: Oh. Okay. So, did you do it?

ME: ... did we do the paperwork we've just established that you sent to the wrong fax and that we never received? Did we do THAT paperwork?


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