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It's from the issue of The Question where Vic meets Green Arrow. Vic has gotten the tar beaten out of him by some thugs, and is trying to convince Ollie (this is Ollie circa Longbow Hunters, no gimmicks, just a very grounded vigilante) that they're on the same side, because as GA says, "Thugs kill thugs all the time."

Vic tells him about his training with Richard Dragon, who Ollie has heard of. He then says: "Richard says there are two kinds of people, those that are and those that are becoming. I'm becoming. I'm somewhere between violence and tranquility. Or between violence and something yet to be determined."

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There's a car that's been on the street outside of my house for the past week or so, with the passenger window rolled down. As it's been really cold, and raining a lot, and the car still sitting with that window rolled all the way down, I'm starting to think it was abandoned. Which is strange, as I live on a dead end street (Houses at the end of the road) this evening, I come home around 11PM to find the driver door lying wide open, as I look into the car as entering my house, I see nobody in the car.

People do know when they abandon cars it can be traced back to them, right? And if the car was stolen, there's better places to abandon it than on a dead end street, where the streets are constantly flooded with cars.

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