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Looking through the gallery of the "National Costumes" for the Miss Universe contest makes me confident that most of these women have futures as drag queens. Some Highlights (Putting it in spoilers since it's a bunch of images):


Miss Canada (Because no sequined Mounty uniforms were available)


Miss Bolivia (Who attacks the darkness)


Miss Cuarco (Who wants you to drink REALLY bad)


Miss Germany (Who missed the memo that she needed Red Balloons to go with her Berlin Wall Poncho)


Miss Venezuela (Who definitely did draw inspiration from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert)


Miss Italy (Who got lost on her way to the Ren Fair)


Miss Ireland (Who might also be Miss Barter Town)


Miss Austria (Who, seeing some of the other costumes, wishes her designer could have been bothered to put her in Mozart Drag instead of just using an old Prom Gown)

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So, I've seen the word "shipper" cropping up in the lingo of the kids nowadays, with their ghetto blasters and their Kardashians. I thought it was risque typing the word into Google, only to be very underwhelmed by the non-maritime definition.

That's been my Wednesday evening thus far.

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