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I mean, I guess it's good news. It's mainly since our parents are practically the ones raising the first one and my sister has moved in with her boyfriend, this one might even want something to do with the kid and he's worthless. Plus, neither have a job so yeah. It's good news, would be better if it was happening to responsible people.

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If you follow baseball, you likely know that the Blue Jays won their division yesterday. It all happened as the result of an insane inning where it appeared that the Rangers both forgot how to play baseball and the laws of physics seemed to stop working. 

There is a comedic take on it through an oral history on Grantland that you don't have to be a baseball fan to like. I should know: I fucking hate baseball. 

Example, Odor on his weird inability to catch a weak pop-fly:

Odor: I was still sort of sleepy. Also sort of psyched out by this one weird Jays fan who was staring into my eyes. Sometimes I dream he’s still sitting there, smiling and sniffing his fingers like a male Mary Katherine Gallagher.
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Pizzazz/Madelyn Pryor (because both are enough of a psychotic)

Jetta/Spiral (Think about it. She's the one who plays the Sax and she has all those hands)

Roxy/Lady Deathstrike (Those fingers in a bass)

Stormer/Mystique (Since Mystique has danced with the angels a few times and because of Rogue as Kimber)

Main reason for Emma is that she's too much of a certain kind of character. She's be more likely to be one of The Stingers. Actually, the Stingers could be The Hellfire Club for that matter since they had the entire coordinated outfit thing going on.

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I've been thinking about vacations next year. Outside of Florida sometime in the winter/fall, I'm debating what else to do. I'm not visiting family because that all is complicated right now and I think I might be skipping C2E2 this year. I just don't think I have the money/it doesn't look like anyone else is going this year outside of the Chicago people.

So, debating what else might be fun to do/go see on the cheap outside of the couple of people I think I already had outstanding offers of brief couch habitation. I love planning so this is the fun part.

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With every baby I have ever held (nieces & nephews, cousins, friends' children, etc.) I have been able to calm the crying baby and put him to sleep by cradling him/her in my arms and gently rocking him from side to side. So when my first son was born (in 2012) I thought, "I totally got this. He'll be asleep in minutes."

Nope. Not only did it not work, it made him more upset. That will teach me to be arrogant.

It did work with baby #2 though.

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