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 Until recently, every time I wore a costume nobody recognized my character. This year, I had a couple of people call me Roland.


If @teenalphabro has made it to "Wolves of the Calla" or paid close attention to "Wind through the Keyhole" she could tell you whose severed head I have. 


the name of the robot villain. I am not making any suggestions to go Highlander on anyone. 

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4 hours ago, Donomark said:

She's 28 years old and he separated from Anna Faris last year. It's a little odd, but I'm not bothered.

Agreed - I'm merely commenting on it being an odd situation, nothing more.

And I knew Arnie had kids, but I never stopped to think a) how old they'd be now, or b) what - if anything - they did for a living.

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Losing a pet is tough. My 15 year old Beagle mix passed away this evening. The vet thinks it was a stroke.

At her age, I knew things could go downhill quickly and suddenly, so I have been emotionally preparing myself for over a year now. It doesn’t make it better. At least the pain / inflammation drug we got from the vet made her more comfortable the last 8 months of her life. Well worth the cost.

The other one (Beagle/ Rat Terrier) is doing fine with no major issues . He will be 15 in May. 

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