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So I have about 40 hours clocked up on my FF6 game for the GBA/DS. I turn on the game and every save slot says data corrupted :grumble:. I can't start a new game cause I can't save the fucking time and I just lost 40 fucking hours of game play!!!!! and I now need to get a new copy of the game :grumble:

And it gets gets better I won't get Halo 3 till next week due to some fuck up in shipping.

Words can not describe how pissed off I am right now.

This has been a perfect way to end two terrible weeks.

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Fun with Creative

I have been trying to get my Zen fixed. So I emailed Creative as you and this what I have had to put up for a week.

This one of the first replies after I sent a picture of the damage as requested

As regards to your enquiry, based on our analysis on the image, the

fault is due to possible pressure on the LCD screen. We regret to inform you that this will not be covered by warranty.

Alternatively, I can offer you an Out of Warranty repair or replacement

for your player.

No bother happy days I am thinking. I knew I would have to pay for it. Then I got this

As regards to your enquiry, we are sorry to inform that currently there

is no part available for this model.

I am afraid that this might take sometime to have a stock

No prob I can wait. Sent an email requesting that they inform me when the part comes in.


With regard to your reply, we are sorry as there are no facilities to

repair the LCD of your player. We can offer you a discount via the

options given in the previous email.

I got these three mails over a three day period. Some customer service <_<

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