Justice League/LXG Poll #5

James D.

Who wins?  

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Both are expert marksmen. Who triumphs and downs the other before he is picked off?


--Green Arrow has exactly ONE of each of his special modified arrows (in this case--one knockout gas arrow, one explosive arrow, one grappling hook arrow, one flaming arrow, one sonic noise arrow and one arrow that deploys a net) and a quiver of 30 regular arrows.

--Quatermain has 30 extra bullets for his Winchester and has two 6-shooter pistols at his disposal, too. He has enough pistol ammo to fully reload each pistol three times after using up the original 6 bullets in each.

Place: A forest which is connected to a mountain range.

Who is the better marksman?

As much as I love Green Arrow, I say Quatermain. The man could hit anything at any point from practically any distance. As long as Allan could see Arrow, he could end it quickly. If it drags on even a couple minutes, though, Arrow could use any number of his special arrows to overcome Quatermain's relatively slow speed.

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