Friday the 13th remake

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- He's fucking running. Zombie or not, it's something he doesn't do.

Thats actually quite cool in my book. The giant walking wall of muscle serial killer should have been gone years ago, I'd much rather see a smaller, more agile, less supernatural Jason this time around. The concept for these sorts of films need to be tweaked to compete with the modern rival franchises and this won't happen unless an already established character undergoes some fundamental adjustments. Its scarier to be to have a Jason with speed and fire in his eyes rather than a mechanical 80's killer whose tired schtick we've already seen a hundred times.

Um. What rival franchises? Everything is torture porn or a remake of an older slasher now. Who is this highly kinetic killer that Jason needs to catch up to? Jigsaw? Yeah, that guy is greased lightning.

I'm not saying he should be imitating anyone but I'm certainly not opposing a little innovation in a tired genre. I'm actually anti-zombie running, which doesn't mean that I won't watch zombie films where they do run, I just much prefer the classic incarnation of the monster. I don't object to the notion that innovation is required to keep this stuff fresh.

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If it was the kind of inbreed retard stumble run that he did in part 2, that's fine. But he looks way too coordinated, hinting that they're going to make him much more intelligent than he should be.

I'm not that opposed to changes. I'm really not. When they had the 'Jason becoming intelligent' subplot in Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, I was all for it, and was actually upset they didn't do more with it. The difference here is that one is the development of a long standing character, respecting the fact that he's existed all those years, and the other is a useless origin reboot that has the potential to ruin a mythos if successful.

And the next person that goes "it's not like those movies were great or anything to begin with" can save it. Just because it's not Citizen Kane doesn't mean it doesn't deserve any respect, and I hate that attitude in general.

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They missed the boat by not doing much with that subplot in FvJvA. Again I don't want to see Home Alone style traps in this film. Maybe him being smarter will mean he notices a trap and goes around it.

And the next person that goes "it's not like those movies were great or anything to begin with" can save it. Just because it's not Citizen Kane doesn't mean it doesn't deserve any respect, and I hate that attitude in general.

I agree, I just got the boxset and can't wait to watch the old films again. But as long as it's not the specialist, people can enjoy any movie they want.

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There was actually a really cool scene where Jason gains his intelligence, then cuts the apparition of his mother in half, finally releasing himself of her bullshit. Too bad it never made the comic.

That would've been great, I mean it was a great comic, if a little rushed, but that would've made more sense than Jason using his intelligence to stop himself from falling for one trap.

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Producer Brad Fuller wants to make one thing clear:

"Mama Voorhees is in the movie. Little Jason is in the movie. There was a time they were not in the movie, we were having problems with a scene. We figured it out, and now they're in." That's good news, no?

Also promising: "We enhanced two deaths [after the test screening]. When we watched them with an audience, we were not getting the reaction we wanted so we made them better."


They tell me that a Friday the 13th 6-foot standee is going to make its way into theater lobbies to promote the film. It features a cardboard Jason Voorhees choking one of his victims. Except, a hole will be located where their head is so you can place your noggin' in there and make it look like you're being killed! Have your cameras ready for your next jaunt to the multiplex. The standee will hit some theaters this week and go wider next week.

I'm thinking a special thread is in order for these pictures of all of us acting like children.

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Saw it tonight. I love how theaters here will check ID right up until start time, then suddenly not care at all who wonders in. I always sit third row in front, and was quite content to have all of those empty seats to myself when, I'm not joking, about a dozen 10-13 year old kids rushed into the theater and took seats around me about halfway through the previews. Who the hell leaves their kids in the mall like that? If you're not going to monitor your children, then I should have the right to smack them if they can't shut up during the movie.

Anywho, my thoughts.

Frankly, this was about a million times better than it had any right to be. I like that it was treated more like a Friday Tribute than a true reboot of the franchise. There were so many little nods to the previous movies, from the arrow death to the cop, the sleeping bag kill, the throwing of the axe, etc.

- Loved loved LOVED the opening tease, making you think that the original crew were the ones we'd be following the entire time, only for them to get destroyed so quickly.

- Clay should have been dead. Jason grabbed him on top of the bus and just stopped beating him up? Jason didn't feel like killing him? Bullshit. He kills everyone.

- Which brings me to Whitney. We're supposed to believe that Jason is so stupid that he believes this girl is his mother, or something to that effect, but he's still smart enough to design traps, house and feed this girl for over a month, and create a complex security system with bells that trigger any intruders? Also, if there were so many detectives on the missing persons case, how were they not killed when they went to Crystal Lake? How did they miss the GPS for that matter?

- He only ran once, thankfully.

- There was an absurd amount of nudity. Maybe it's because I was surrounded by children that shouldn't have been in there in the first place (thus making me extremely uncomfortable), but it felt like there was a staggering amount of boobage here.

- The ending sequence was just made of awesome. The coming out of the dock from part 1, the breaking through the glass of part 2, the hanging of part 3. They managed to fit it all in without making them seem too forced.

- I really did enjoy it. That said, don't make another one. This was enough. The only time I ever want to see Jason again is in the FvJ sequel. Otherwise, let him rest.

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I agree with everything Dubs says...SHOCK!

Except for one thing: I want franchise.

I also kind of disliked the ending. It treated itself not as a remake but more like something between two and three and I would have liked an original ending.

It was actually kind of shocking to see so many boobs. I'm not complaining but we haven't seen that theatrically for a long time.

Someone big needs to take down Saw and if thgis is the treatment they're giving Friday then I'm all for more.

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As remakes go, this was pretty good. I love the fact that they didn't go the "torture horror" route,

even though Jason kept the girl hostage for 6 months. She looked healthy, so apparently he's been caring for her fairly well. It is completely in character for Jason to be fooled into thinking someone is his mom. Remember when the "final girl" fooled him toward the end of Part 2?

It was interesting to see a non-Jason character (other than Tommy) make a comeback,

though Clay should have been named "Rob". He's virtually identical to the character Rob from part IV.

Tommy was in 4-5-6 (although I hated the character in 6, mostly because I thought he should have been the killer) and the "final girl" from 1 made an appearance in 2, when Jason took her out. It never made sense to me why that didn't kill his motivation for revenge. I mean, Jason is honked off because his mom got killed, he tracks down the girl who killed her, and takes revenge. There, end of story.

While some may dislike making Jason smart, it's not like he was a complete blockhead in the original series. He had been surviving on his own for years before he made his appearance in 2, built a shack for shelter, etc. Making traps isn't exactly a huge departure either, considering how he would string up his victims in a way to scare the daylights out of the "final girl" in the previous movies.

They basically condensed chapters 1-2 into the first 20 minutes of the movie, with the rest being basically a combination of 3 and 4. No Tommy, though

Anyway, even though this was a remake it was well done enough that it could actually fit as a true sequel, taking place sometime after Freddy Vs. Jason and before Jason X.

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