Friday the 13th remake

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It could have been better. I mean it covers 12 films, but the Halloween documentary was longer only covering 8 films.

His Name Was Jason is like 6 hours long.

Version I saw was 90 minutes.

It comes in two discs and with features included it's at least twice as long.

The special features are all pretty much extended versions of the interviews on the documentary. I'm talking about the documentary itself is shorter than the Halloween documentary. The Halloween documentary still managed to include extended interviews also while still having a longer run time of the main feature.

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But it still made a very good profit, so their will be a sequel.

Yeah, they could have shut the whole thing down after the first weekend and still doubled the investment they made in actually making the movie, so everything after the first weekend is gravy. Plus they have the international market, DVD sales and whatever other marketing they do. I wouldn't be surprised to see someone take another shot at a Friday the 13th video game, either.

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