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In an interview, the endings that they didn't use were discussed:

We had a jet-black ending. Connor dies, we're in a room with all the people we care about. You take Connor's likeness, you put it on the living machine of Marcus. He sits up, now looking like Christian Bale, takes a gun, kills Kate, kills Kyle, kills Star, kills everybody, eyes flare red, [snaps] the end.

Ferris: There was an ending of intermediate darkness, in which ... the mechanical Marcus takes over as Connor and goes on to lead the resistance. It's essentially a secret to everybody, except the inner circle, that John Connor is now a robot, is now a Terminator.


Also, here is a bunch more clips from the movie:


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So I saw it tonight. It was in no way bad, nor was it great.

The visuals and sound are jaw-dropping, but the story just isn't there. There's really not much reason to care about the characters.

It's definitely worth watching, but definitely not a must-see unless you're a die-hard Terminator fan (like me).

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I didn't have much faith in a McG helmed Terminator film in the first place but when i heard Bale was going to be involved i did hold out some hope that it could be good. The more and more i heard about it (i.e Arnold cameo, Linda Hamiltion cameo, Stan Winston working on new Terminator models, Jonah Nolan rewrite, James Cameron's approval, other cast being announced, etc.), the better it sounded but i was still apprehensive. Then i saw the most recent trailer and it blew me away. Sadly the film did not live up to that trailer at all, and while i did enjoy parts of it, overall i was very dissapointed.

First off i will say that the action in this movie is pretty top notch. The cinematography in these sequences are incredible (somewhat reminiscent of Children Of Men), and getting to see all these new variations of the Terminators themselves was a lot of fun. The harvester sequence alone is almost worth the price of admission. They also did one better than Transformers as i could actually see what was going on when their giant robot was causing destruction. The sound design on this movie only helps to enhance these scenes as well. The look of the movie was definetly how i always pictured a world post-Judgment Day and the enviorment interacted well with the CGI terminators too. The character of Marcus is an intresting one and Sam Worthington is probably the standout performance in the movie. Anton Yelchin was also a standout as a young Kyle Reese, he and Worthington genuinely had good chemistry when on screen together even if the material they were given was not exactly up to snuff.

That's about where the good stuff ends. The rest of the movie really was a mess. The cast which by all accounts was pretty top-notch is just not used effectively. The actors do actually look as if they are waiting for direction. Some high-profile actors literally just stand around for a few scenes in the movie and that's it.

Terry Crews (who would of been a better choice for the role of Barnes) is killed off in the first 10 minutes without even as much as a line of dialogue, and Bryce Dallas Howard literally just looks at Chrisitan Bale for a few scenes and that's about it.

Wasted talent right there. Christian Bale does the best he can with the material that is given but overall it dosen't amount to much. All the stuff that enticed me about the movie in the first place mostly all turned out to be embellished by McG

(Linda Hamilton dosen't sound very enthused in her voiceover recordings, Arnold's cameo is very short and not even really him, Jonah Nolan claims that his on-set rewrite didn't amount to much, James Cameron says he never gave his blessing to this movie, etc.)

You know it's a sad day too when you mistake a Danny Elfman score for any old Hans Zimmer media venture score.

There were way too many cooks in the kitchen on this one and it showed. It really did feel like someone wrote half a script and they just assumed they could finish it as they went along and it would all wrap up nicely. It's a shame too since i did see a lot of potential in what was there.

There are a lot of intresting ideas like John Connor as Robert Neville, or how one man deals with basically being christ and trying to live up to the expectations placed on him, Marcus Wright as Roy Batty and John Connor's loss of humanity in the face of the machines, the effects of religious fanaticism on a society and the divide it creates even in the face of greater (more visible) threats.

All these ideas and many more are introduced in this movie and then discarded just as quick in favor of more generic plot material. It was just such a wasted opportunity. I do wonder though if a better movie was here that just got edited to shit (there was a whole 40 minutes of actual filmed footage that didn't make it in). Overall i'd probably give it a 5 or 6 out of 10.

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