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From Marvel.com:

10/11/07 - Save The Date

Marvel's biggest - and only - news announcement this week hits this Thursday, October 11 at 12 p.m. EST, right here on Marvel.com. Save the date and watch this space!

What will it be?

My guesses are:

- Joe Quesada is stepping down (:shakehead:), to be replaced by Jeph Loeb.

- Brian Michael Bendis is leaving Ultimate Spider-Man (:shakehead:), to be replaced by Robert Kirkman (:w00t:).

- A new Captain America will be announced.

- Amazing Spider-Man isn't going thrice-monthly. Instead, it will be rebooted (again) to coincide with the ending of the "One More Day" storyline.

- Another huge author will be writing for Marvel, maybe King himself or Chuck Palahniuk.

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