Anime DVD's for cheap

James D.

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I'm selling some of my anime DVD's. I'm not going to eBay them, because it's just not worth the time or effort. I'd rather just sell direct to anyone here who is interested. I know anime is hideously expensive most of the time, so here's an opportunity to get some for practically nothing. Shipping is $2 flat no matter how many you want.


Ninja Nonsense Volume 1: $5 (if you like perverted humor, this is a show for you)

Wolf's Rain "Anime Legends" Volume 2 (has DVD's 5-7 in the set): $8

Street Fighter Animated Movie Uncensored and Uncut: $5 (yes, the one with the Chun-Li shower scene/fight with Vega...)

Gunslinger Girl Volume 1 (with box to hold all 3 volumes): $5

Ah! My Goddess OVA Volume 1 (with box to hold all 6 volumes): $6

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