If I Ran DC, part one: The Imprints - Showcase


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Exactly one year ago today I launched a four-part article entitled If I Ran Marvel. The idea for said article came from Mark Millar, who authored a similar article several years prior. Unlike his take on being publisher of DC, I aimed to focus on both companies: first Marvel, later DC. As it turns out, the DC portion of this "If I Ran..." series came much later than I ever expected, but here it is nonetheless.

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/articles/if-i-ran-dc-01

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There are a few reasons why I changed Suicide Squad around. The first being I felt I needed another book set in the 1960s. As mentioned in the article, I wanted that Mighty / New Avengers feeling. Suicide Squad and Checkmate were the best options to achieve this goal. Second, comics need to change if they're to remain relevant. Putting Ostrander back on the book and retaining the same concept would appease longtime SS fans, but they're not enough to keep the book alive. A new concept with a new creative team would cause controversy and, thus, chatter. Lastly, during If I Ran Marvel, I tapped Ostrander to write a Suicide Squad-like Omega Flight, and I didn't want to reuse him like that.

Trust me, I have plans for John Ostrander.

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Thank you, James. Some of my favorite stories are ones in which characters are forced to change, drastically I might add. And Gotham Underground would do exactly that to Renee Montoya. Everything she knows about herself (e.g. her ideas about justice, her sexuality, the moral code which she lives by) would all change. It makes me sad that DC will never produce that book. :shakehead:

By the way, I must give credit to Jenny for helping me with the Lois Lane idea, as well as Des for observing that Jason Todd has been acting like Peter Parker.

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