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My gues is, is that they wanted to give him, the young cool guy spiked look, instead of that awesome, err trashy mullet he had in the animated series. Though I must tell you i own the minigig, and not olny is the hair way to big, but it has trouble sticking on, as it is soft plastic, but it still looks cool, kinda, not really.

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Robin is better suited for the anime-inspired spiky hair. Nightwing's current hair style (as seen below) would have been fine for the video game.


I never said I didnt like the spike, I prefer the spiked looked, I guess, I mis "typed". I ment that I think the mullet looked cool, its the most memorble for me (As I started reading the comics by watching gotham knights) and it would jell better with the younger builders. You see in the future episode of teen titans nightwing had the long hair, and nightwing in the batman, didnt look that good. So with kids long hared knightwing would be more apropriate.

Maybe, Its late........ Ill shut up know

Wait, one more thing, if they were to redo the character, they should use Mutts hairpiece from the jones line (Also used by robin, and the agents line)

Sorry for the speeling, its late

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This looks painful.

Did this become a caption contest thread?

I can honestly say when they said Lego and Batman together in the same sentence as-the video game, i had a tear in my eye, and a very long screaming sound from my wallet.

This game will be awesome, hopefully it wont be as puzzle orientated as Lego Indiana Jones which is good, but the puzzles just grate on my nerves.

also for the caption contest-Ahem!

For the last time i am not from pokemon!

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It's an exciting day for everyone in Lego Gotham City. A new hero err heroine has been announced, Batgirl! She will be joining forces with Lego Batman's great cast of characters. Batgirl will also be able to sport Batman's gadgets such as the Glide Suit and Sonic Suit. Expect the game out in September.

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