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So I'm getting back into comics.

I used to be pretty big into the scene in the 90s, well, actually, I mostly just read X-Men and Gen 13, while downing Mountain Dew on my skateboard listening to Pearl Jam (I was popular, naturally), but since then, I've kinda fell out of it, mostly because staying up on stuff required both effort and money, two things I'm not huge on.

Thankfully, my new book store job allows me to check out two books at a time, which most definately includes graphic novels, so I'm gonna use this thread to share some of my thoughts on stuff as I read it, and also take suggestions on what to read next.

I'm mostly familiar with Marvel, so I started with two DC books.

Justice League: Identity Crisis - Holy mother of Chrono, this was great. I didn't think I was going to be into it at all, given my disinterest in a lot of DC heroes, but it honestly had me from the second page onward. I quickly found myself feeling for characters I'd never even heard of before in Elongated Man and Atom. I also liked that the big three were more or less minor characters in this, as the focus was on the reserve team, who were facing a problem that their powers weren't going to simply stop. This is also my first time seeing Deathstroke. My first impression was "Deadpool ripoff", but then I saw what he could do and... well shit, I hate to say it, but he'd murder the shit out of Deadpool. Was this guy honestly just a Teen Titans villain before this? What a waste. Overall, a great book, with writing that actually made these guys in funny suits feel like real people.

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth - I'm mixed on this. Story was great, and I loved the art style right from the beginning. My main gripe is that it's uber short. Like, with all the apeshit Bat Villains out there, they really could have gone all the way here. Also, is this supposed to have taken place in some sort of alternate reality? I'm asking because Bruce quite clearly appeared to kill Croc at one point, and unless I'm mistaken, DC heroes don't do that kind of thing.

Up Next: Preacher 1 and 2

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This is also my first time seeing Deathstroke. My first impression was "Deadpool ripoff", but then I saw what he could do and... well shit, I hate to say it, but he'd murder the shit out of Deadpool.

HA! Deadpool is actually modeled after Deathstroke. Not only in design, mind you, but also in his real name.

Deathstroke: Slade Wilson

Deadpool: Wade Wilson

Yes folks, Rob Liefeld is a bastion of creativity!

As for Preacher, be warned: the first trade is not for everyone. Even if you don't like it, read the second collection. Volume two is so much better than the first!

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I figure Identity Crisis is just a BIT of a love it or hate it book to people, if I'd have to guess.


Preacher 1 - I liked this just fine, actually. Some of the dialouge was just batshit akward, but everything else was great really. Hilarious in some places, and just in your face violent in others. If part 2 is as great as people say, I think I may have found my new favorite comic.

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I've decided that this is totally my kind of book, twisted humor mixed with some really over the top violence. Completely not afraid to take risks either. The stuff with Jesse's family was totally messed up and depressing, and then the book did a total 180 with the "party", in which it became freaking hilarity in every panel. Six more of these to go? Sign me up.

Up next - Preacher 3 and something else, I haven't decided yet. I'm looking for something longish, since I have all of Thursday off work with nothing to do. I'm looking at perhaps Planet Hulk or Avengers: Dissassembled, but I'm open to suggestions.

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You actually have seven more to go; their are nine Preacher trades.

Have you thought about giving Transmetropolitan a try? Imagine Hunter S. Thompson armed with a bowel disruptor (yes, it does exactly what it sounds like it does) fighting a futuristic political machine.

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My store is out of Transmetro, so I had to have it special ordered from another store. Should be about a week. Till then, I just grabbed Preacher 3.

I got Fire Pro Returns today, so I won't be into reading much the next couple of days.

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Preacher 3 - My praise for this series can't be enough. It's refreshing to just see blatant ass kicking on the part of the good guys for once. God is the ultimate pussy heel.

Up Next: Preacher 4 and Defenders: Indefensible.

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Defenders: Indefensible - Doctor Strange and Namor bicker like teenagers, Hulk becomes a sex slave, and Silver Surfer spends the entire story on the beach doing nothing. Awesome.

One thing that confused me. Umar and Dormammu are brother and sister here, but other times, I've seen them refered to as husband and wife. Am I going crazy, or is there just some mad incest going on here?

Up Next: Preacher 4 and MAYBE another DC book.

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