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I like Hugh Grant movies, there, I said it. I know he plays the same character, but damn if it isn't funny. He and Tom Arnold in 9 Months are hilarious.

I like to listen to girl pop like Avril, Kelly Clarkson, Xtina, etc. Will they win critic awards, probably not.

I read The Phantom comic books (well my dad buys them and I read them when I visit him).

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It's the same with Fantastic Four. They botched Doom, Reed wasn't aloof enough, Sue wasn't matronly enough.....but when you compare those downsides (which there were quite a bit) and compared it to what was GREAT about the FF movie (spot on Torch/Thing banter, the Thing and Torch in general, Stan Lee as Willie Lumpkin) it made the movie tolerable and as a result I enjoyed it despite it's shortcomings.

The FF movies weren't great, by a long shot. However, Chiklis and Evans were perfect as Ben and Johnny and were responsible for any enjoyment I personally got out of either movie (second was miles better than the first, but that's kind of like saying that Uranus is miles closer than Neptune. Technically true, but neither's really within driving distance).

I don't know if you guys were bothered by this as much as I was but remember when you first saw that full size image of Routh as Superman for Superman Returns.........what was the first thing that popped into your head?

For me it was 'Why is there an S shield on his buckle?' That belt buckle bugged the living shit out of me for the entire movie.....but it wasn't enough to stop me from digging Superman Returns.

It was the S shields on the heels of his boots that kept me awake at night. (Seriously, go look if you missed 'em.)

In terms of that which I enjoy that no one else understands, I LOVED the Alec Baldwin Shadow.

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