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In The Lion and the Unicorn, Alfred is given truth serum. He then says something to the effect of "you'll never get gibberish out of me". I have always thought this was Alfred knowing the password was silly and was trying to mask when he actually says the code. I mean, if I am talking gibberish and then I mention unicorns no one would bat an eye. Am I correct in thinking along those lines? At any rate, I am glad to see that I am not the only one who likes this episode.

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And, as a special "treat," here's that horrible, horrible Batman "fan" film I ranted about during the intro. As I told James when I sent him the link, watch this only if you want to waste 28:27 of your life that you will never, ever get back. This is the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen; the filmmaker clearly doesn't get a damn thing about the character. So, yeah, watch at your own risk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUAXIMoZuBM. (Oh, I made a mistake during the show when I said Batman was tied to a chair; he's actually chained from the ceiling.


Oh, my.

I can still see it when I close my eyes.

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Is anyone having technical difficulties with the file? Doug just sent me a PM telling me at certain points the audio will stop, then repeat a phrase three or four times. Is this a problem with the file or his computer / Internet connection?

I had no problems with my copy of the file.

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I had no problems with my copy of the file.

Yeah, it turns out it was Doug's computer.

I warned you!
You did. yes. Tune in next week when the waitress tells me not to touch the plate because it's hot, followed shortly by a mad hunt for cold water and bandages. :blush:


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Here it goes, after coming into this great podcast, so late into it, I finally caught up. I guess now I must wait on a weekly basid like everyone else :( Oh well.

Here goes my reviews:

Baby Doll, okay, well this is a pretty decent episode for a character I once again never knew about. The first thing that I have to bring up in terms of continuity is that on the News broadcast Gleeson says that the show Mary Dahl was on premiered 20 years ago, than Gordon says that a clip being shown is when she was 20 years old, than he said that now she'd be about 30(ten years after the show). I doubt very much that the series Dahl was in lasted 10 years, so was this a mistake on the writers or did they not care? Also it always made me wonder how is it that a someone as small as Baby Doll, could possibly have huge henchman at her bec-n-call, thay would most likely just throw her around(although I guess Miriam does seem to enforce what she wants). It's kind of shocking to see Batman basically throwing a woman into a wall(even though it's fake), I'm not sure if it's normally a censors thing, but I'm guessing since it's out of defense it's justified. The last part of the episode is where it goes into the sympathetic mode for the character. It must be tough to live your life eternally in the body of a baby, it must cause a form of depression. It was interesting to see what Baby Doll would have looked at her proper age though the fun house mirror. I certainly give this a 7 out of 10

The Lion and the Unicorn, here we get the return of Red Claw and we get into a ilttle backstory on Alfred's personal life. It's pretty cool to see how resourceful Alfred really is, in previous episodes he's always being caught, here he is shown to be a real asset to Bruce Wayne's life. A side note; Robin appears in this episode, but without the Batman & Robin title card. Now Red Claw demands a code that Freddie eventually gives up, but how does Red Claw know that that's the first part of the code? It could be the last. Wow, Red Claw not only manage to get into the Batwing, but also manage to rip off Batman's mask and reveal his identity. Does this mean a huge end has been left loose. Red Claw is still alive, with the knowledge of what Batman looks like(I'm not sure though, if she knows what Bruce Wayne looks like though). When I first seen this as a kid, it bored me to tears, it had none of my favorite characters(except the Dynamic Duo), but as an adult I have a little respect for it. I give it 6 out of 10.

Showdown, now I am sorry. I am watching this episode for the simple reason of reviewing it properly, but I never liked this episode. I was never a big Wild West fan and just dislike this episode(although, it was a fun thing to see Batman meet this character in the JLU episode). I'm not really sure why they made this episode, we never see this character again until the JLU(and we must remember this wasduring the FOX run, so they didn't know that they would get another chance to bring him back). The one thing I did like is that the character Jonah Hex has that bone passing his mouth, that was a cool touch. This is another episode to feature Robin, without the Adventures of Batman & Robin title sequence, but it could be justified that he's not central to the story, but neither is Batman either. Now I'm not sure how to spell his name, but DuVall is played excellent by Malcolm McDowell, the future Metallo/John Corben and Dr. Loomis, it is fun to see McDowell and David Warner together in a scene, these are two great actors, who have never shared a screen together. I can say that this episode is better to watch as an adult, but it's still not the best Ra's Al Ghoul episode. 5 out of 10

Riddler's Reform, YES! finally, another Riddler episode, it has been too long since John Glover graced us with his voice talents(sorry sometimes even Smallville and too a much lesser note Batman & Robin benefit from Glover's performances). It's interesting to see that Riddler's new partner was referenced in a previous Riddler's episode when Robin mentions how easy the Baxter's Box was. The animation in certain areas are definately top notch. The Riddles are once again perplexing, but not as much, since The Riddler in this episode purposely wants Batman to get it. It's great to see that one of The Riddler's own toys and his obsession with Batman did him in, in the end. Great episode, 8 out of 10

Second Chance, great episode. The sinmation from the start stands out. I don't usually comment the title cards, because I don't really care for them, but this title card fit the episode. The episode once again pulls at the sympathy for the character of Harvey Dent/Two-Face and hte for his henchmen, who basically messed up his chances at a normal life. For Batman, it's more personal, because Harvey is after all his best friend. We see even more of the distance between Robin and Batman in this episode, a plot that will come into play in the revamped series episode "Old Wounds. " Incredible episode to watch over and over again. 8 out of 10.

Here's responses from the podcast:

Hey James, I might have a solution to your music video problem. I'm not sure how your computer is set up, but I'm sure you can digitally remove the subtitles.

You really don't wanna hear my Christmas situation, I have to do a lot of traveling back and forth as well.

Did you know that in the fan film Batman: Dead End(I believe that's the name of the Alien/Predator/Batman crossover) the actor playing The Joker is the same guy who played Boner(Joshua Andrew Koenig) in the TV series "Growing Pains"

The same people who made Dead End also made a fan film called World's Finest, go on Wikipedia and you'll find links for both fan films.

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Will James and Mike eventually cover the DCAU tie-in video games, and why can't Batman suffer brain damage? Those questions and more are answered before five more episode of Batman: The Animated Series are reviewed, those being "Baby-Doll," "The Lion and the Unicorn," "Showdown," "Riddler's Reform" and "Second Chance."

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_017.mp3

You guys love the Batman, So do I, You like that more meta humans are coming in the series, So do I. I like the way that he treats some of the heros, But I do not like the fact all of them, either know his Identity and/or has been in his cave..... I dont like that... But anyy way I love the sieres and I have had my mom burn the episoids I have recorded on to DVD's. That I watch on airplanes/Road trips (I live like an hour or so away from disney land (I think that is the name, Well Im talking about the one in LA) and when ever I am just board....

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