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The original Contra pretty much set the stage for two player co-op in the console era, and was legitimately a difficult game even with the code. The best game in the series, however, was the Genesis iteration titled Contra: Hard Corps.

Pretty much every version since then has sucked a big one, and they really need to stop trying to bring it back.

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I only have Super C for the NES and I can just get to the third stage final boss. After that, I keep getting killed and sent right back to the beginning of the stage/game if I have no more continues. Does the Konami Code work for that game, cause I swear I heard somewhere that it doesn't.

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Contra 4 is fun if you are

a) a masochist

b) an old school 2d shoot 'em up fan

The game loves the fact that it is incredibly hard, and in fact mocks you if you choose to play on the easy level. There are 9 levels to the game and each time I make my way to the next I swear that it is impossible. Memorization is the key to success, and you will have to play each level probably a dozen times before you figure it all out. Get hit once and you lose a life, you only get 5 continues, but if you stop and save the game they take a continue away from you.

Oh, and the Contra code is not included.

I have heard that if you complete the game you can unlock the original Contra and, I believe, Super C.

I love it, if for no other reason than it feels like I have gone back in time to when games were really hard.

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I just downloaded Contra III: The Alien Wars from the Virtual Console service.

I've never played a Contra game before, but I've heard about them. And so far, despite dying a lot, I'm enjoying it. I'm on the Second Stage, which is an over head one. And that type of thing hasn't aged very well.

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