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Dude, I think your avatar gives you away on this one!!

As Yoda says, Turtles I is a good movie in regards to the fact it's a fun, family action flick - hey, it was the first film I ever saw in the cinemas and I was a HUGE Turtles fanboy back in the day!! Having said that, if you're not around my age (22) or older and thus weren't around for the late 80s/early 90s Turtles explosion, the film isn't going to have all that much to show for itself to new fans. And that's just Turtles I - lord knows where you reckon II and III should be placed!!

Compared to the 7 films above it you think less highly of, I reckon you could make pretty decent arguments for it challenging it's immediate neighbours (Ghost Rider, Blade, TMNT, Spidey 3). BUT come X-Men, I'd have no problem making arguments myself for why TMNTurtles isn't in the toppermost quarter. It doesn't have the consistent quality of X2, the stunning action visuals of 300 or the themes to provoke debate that V For Vendetta did. I'm not saying you have to make a blue screen, slo-mo, epic Turtles film with a love angle to make it a 10 in my books, but I enjoyed the CGI treatment of the Turtles a bit more - if they'd tightened up the ending and remembered to include Donatello a bit more, TMNT could have made an 8.5 or something similar.

But thanks for your comments!! I was worried that this article series, which is *basically* just me listing what I've ranked films, wouldn't get any feedback accordingly, but I'm certainly happy to argue the positioning of each film on my chart!! Oh, and as for Stardust, check out my article called Definition. That's what I'm using to determine which movies I include for review.

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