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In Lost Odyssey the player takes control of Kaim, a man who has lived for 1,000 years. The game's story revolves around the many generations of which Kaim is a part of, his loves and losses and conflicts in a world nearing a "mystical industrial revolution". Lost Odyssey's story is being penned by the award winning Japanese novelist, Kiyoshi Shigematsu who is working directly with the game's producer Hironobu Sakaguchi on the story sequences. Heading up the artistic demands of the title is famed Japanese comic artist, Takehiko Inoue, while famed composer Nobuo Uematsu has been recruited to create a more contemporary soundtrack. Mistwalker is developing the title, with cooperation with a studio named Feel Plus, a subsidiary of Microsoft created specifically to aid Mistwalker. Feel Plus is made up of around 40 former Nautilus/Sacnoth developers, most famous for the cult favorite Shadow Hearts RPG series. (Sacnoth was officially announced as being dissolved in 2007.) Former Square employees at Microsoft are also involved. It has been confirmed that the game will come on 4 Dual Layer DVDs, more than any Xbox 360 game to date.

Check out the video of the game:


Two things I like from the video:

1. You can move the camera and zoom on things even though it's on a linear path like FFX.

2. I loved the weather effects and the guy shielding his face walking through the storm.

I didn't like:

The annoying guy that looks like a girl. Those are some bad lines coming from him.

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In that case, I’d look at how many hours you’d spend playing either of those video games over the next month and a half (assuming you’d like to play both equally). BioShock is 10-15 hours, Lost Odyssey (from what I hear) is 40+ hours. Which is more suited to the amount of gaming you’ll be doing over the next 6 weeks?

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It's kind of ridiculous how hard this game is sometimes. You need to go in blind and get killed at least once or twice before you figure out how to get past some places. Then you might need to go level certain skills or go all the way back and get certain items before retrying.

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