"WTF" moments

James D.

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This is a thread to just randomly post those little moments in everyday life that happen out of nowhere and make you go "WTF?"

I just saw a commercial on ESPN with a woman talking about how sock puppets are a great way to resolve conflicts among 4-year-olds.


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School today I was wating in the line to get into the locker rooms with my friend we looked over and saw some girls making a prymod, one guy came over and pushed the top girl over, and then she chased him around, I then look over this guy looks in a trash can, pulls out a huge peice of plastic, looks at it stargngly the he dropped in back into the bin and spit on it, I was think wtf, and later to top that one of the Gym Teacher was about to let us in the locker room's. look's in the can pull's out the piece of plastic, looks at it, drops it and looks at the first person inline and said "you pick that" My first thought was wtf and then I thout of a batmanTAS episode "I need a new car

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