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Another huge ass update. Highlights include some really bad Disney knock-offs, The Captains (The William Shatner documentary about all the Star Trek captains), Discworld: The Wyrd Sisters, and a ton of Dic shows from the 90s including Princess Starla and the Jewel Riders, Double Dragon, Ultraforce, Highlander The Animated Series, and the terrible Kong the Animated Series.

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Disney-ABC Adds ‘Alias’ And Other Shows To Extended Deal With Netflix

BEVERLY HILLS and BURBANK, Calif., Oct. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) and Disney-ABC Television Group today announced that they recently entered into an extension of their previous existing licensing agreement. The extension allows Netflix to continue to stream hundreds of library episodes from ABC Studios, Disney Channel and ABC Family over the Internet. As part of the deal, Netflix is also adding new content to its lineup of Disney-ABC series and TV movies.

The agreement adds to the growing selection of content that can be streamed from Netflix in the United States. Episodes from new seasons of current Disney-ABC series will be made available to Netflix 30-days after the last episode of each season airs.

Among the series and TV movies extended as part of the deal include:

  • Prior season episodes of ABC current hit series “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Desperate Housewives,” and “Private Practice”
  • All episodes of recent ABC favorites “Lost,” “Brothers & Sisters,” and “Ugly Betty”
  • Prior season episodes of critically-acclaimed “Army Wives” from ABC
  • Popular series from ABC Family including “The Secret Life of the American
    Teenager,” “Melissa & Joey,” and “Make It or Break It”
  • A wide range of content from Disney Channel including series “Phineas
    and Ferb,” ” Good Luck Charlie,” “The Suite Life on Deck,” and “Hannah Montana”

New content from Disney-ABC that will be added to the service include:

  • ABC Family’s smash hit series “Switched at Birth”
  • Prior season episodes of Disney Channel’s animated series “Kick
  • All episodes of the ABC thriller “Alias”

“Disney and ABC have been and continue to be an innovative and supportive partner for Netflix. The diverse but always excellent programming from the different channels and networks are favorites of our members and we are thrilled to broaden the scope and extend the terms or our relationship,” said Ted Sarandos, chief content officer, Netflix.


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Huge Ass update. Highlights include Ahhh! Real Monsters!, Father Ted, Death Becomes Her, Hulk, Downfall, Panic Room, A Knight's Tale, and a ton of Holiday-themed Lifetime Original Movies. It includes one that kinda gave me a little strife during one of my Holiday marathons, Holiday in Handcuffs. Just... ugh.

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So, ever since I updated the Wii Netflix Channel it has been running like shit. 9 (and counting) calls to customer support and I have gotten 9 different answers. These range from:

- Call you internet provider.

- Call Nintendo.

- Well, just wait it out and watch it on your iPod Touch.

- Just deal with it.

Just fuck you. You put out an update that made things worse and somehow it is not you that has the problem. Seriously, go fuck yourselves in the face with a rusty knife.

Edit: Just called again and was told to fuck myself. Thanks customer support! However, I think I will just let you keep fucking with me instead.

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Outside of How I Met Your Mother, here's some other awesome things that have been added since last time I did an update a few weeks back,

The League

The Nutty Professor (Original version.)

Spaced (If you haven't watched Spaced, you owe it to yourself as a geek. It's Simon Pegg in a series directed by Edger Wright.)

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (For the train wreck.)

Most of the Brosnan bond films.This means that every Bond film is streaming with the exception of the two reboots and Die Another Day.

Power Rangers Samurai including the RPM crossover though its listed separate from the episode.



Heathers (I cannot stress this enough. If you have not seen Heathers, see Heathers. You owe it to yourself.)

The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. (For the trainwreck.)

King Arthur and the Knights of Jusice (Also, the trainwreck.)

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