Tru Calling Marathon


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It's kind of late in the day, but there is still enough episodes to get into. Today on the Sci-Fi network the short lived TV Series Tru Calling will be airing until 7pm.

For those who don't know the premise of the show, Eliza Dushku(Buffy, Angel, True Lies)plays Tru Davies a Morgue Attendant who begins to see dead bodies come to life to ask for help, when they do she goes back 24hrs to help prevent their death. Later in the series Jason Priestly joined the cast as her opposite, he plays Jack, who has the same power Tru does, but he refuses to help and even helps keeps things the way they are.

It's a great show, that should have stayed on the air, for a while there were plans to revive the series when new interest start to flair back up, but now it won't happen.

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