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He was officially diagnosed last year (by our medical provider, NOT the school district) and the district has been really slow on 1) admitting that autism is the cause of his emotional disturbance (which is how the district has chosen to classify him) and 2) moving him into a more restrictive (and structured) educational environment, which is something that he is sorely in need of. Now, he HAD been in a more restrictive Special Ed class from 2nd through 7th grades, in 8th he had an aide that stayed with him in class, but when he went to High School (when all the really serious issues started) he had NOTHING and BAM!!! Freak outs, meltdowns, fights (someone grabbed him and, since he does not like to be touhced) and assorted social interaction issues, it has just been one thing after another.

The district basically stonewalled on the autism thing until one Special Ed school (for emotionally disturbed kids) interviewed us, took one look at him, and said "While we can certainly help with the agitation and depression, we cannot help with is autism symptoms..." They also told the school district and THEN it was, "Oh, you since he has AUTIMSM we need to... blah blah fucking blah." Yeah, nice that it took six frakking months to catch up here. California.

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Damn. Poor kid. Good thing he's finally getting some attention. We flag kids for autism testing pretty young here but even some of them slip through the cracks like one student we have right now who's a year away from graduation...

But let's not get into family's who refuse to admit a problem and have their child tested. I feel for you and hope it only gets better for you.

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He had a meeting with his doctor yesterday and I just decided it wasn't worth it. He cannot handle mainstream school and, even worse, he is evidently in the crosshairs of some little attention loving vixen that adores stirring shit up (the emotions from which are difficult even for an average kid to understand, much less cope with). So I talked with the district and my son is going into "Home and hospital" care for the remainder of the school year. That means he gets to stay home and the teachers come to him to tutor him. That takes some of the stress off, as we (lady love and I) don't walk around with the cloud of a potential incident at school hanging over us.

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So this was my week.

Sunday - Get pulled over for driving with tags that expired literally the day before. Despite being on my best behavior, the fucker still gives me a ticket. Registration renewal in the state of Maryland is $130, which I don't have (especially after the ticket), so I'm driving around like a paranoid drug smuggler for the rest of the week.

Monday - I discover that work is cutting hours across the board.

Tuesday - I break my PSP. This means no music during my hour long commute until I can somehow find the money to buy another one.

Wednesday - Someone I considered a very good friend of mine at work got in trouble for slacking off and talking on her phone for most of the day. Lots of shit didn't get done. She rationalizes that since she's always been able to do whatever she wants without repercussion, someone must have "snitched" on her. The third person in our department somehow convinced her that I was the "snitch" and now the two people I have to spend a majority of my time with are acting like children and refuse to talk to me. At no point does anyone think that the reason she got in trouble was because she didn't do her work.

Thursday - Both of the previously mentioned children call out and I'm left to do the shit that didn't get done the previous day. Also, a flat tire.

Friday - Got paid. After the ticket, the registration, rent, and gas, I'm already down to about $30 for the next two weeks.

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I hate today.

I'm kind of exhausted from a scare that I detailed over in Randomness. And now it turns out our one driver for ACen may have to drop out, which fucks seven of us over entirely (I'm in another group that's going earlier), so now we have to figure that the fuck out, and now there's even more fucking complications with that.

So, basically, I want to hide under the covers, and it's only 2 PM.

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Is it wrong to be mad that half my class got their marks back for their projects, all good, and high marks, good for them, but fucking pissed off that the guy marking mine, hasn't started yet, and says it'll be done probably for next week, leaving me with only seven days, instead the 14 I was told about to actually fix my grade and get the mark I need for uni?

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Dear Housing:


Longer, fuller story:

I thought I FINALLY had someone I could house with and take care of combination and not get shunted to the bottom of housing list because I'm going abroad, but apparently you can't combine two genders in a single room over the year in the co-ed housing, it has to be boy-boy girl-girl (where the hell did they say that, besides nowhere?!), and according to the heads of housing, there are no gender-neutral singles that would be able to accommodate this anywhere on campus. So now I have to tell this guy that it's that it's not going to work, and I'm ccing housing on it to see if there's any female I can combine with, because really, this is absolutely ridiculous, especially when I have all of these rules trotted out at me that they never told me about when I think I finally have a way I won't be fucked over and no one seems to be needing housing for the time that I would be off campus according to the damn combination list, and I've been playing by their fucking rules for three years and have every single year gotten systematically fucked by them.

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False starts are the worst. The trick is to just keep writing, get to an end, then go back and read it.

You'll find, often enough, that you've worked out the true "start" somewhere between pages two and five.

Then, you just cut everything before that.

And tighten.

And line edit.

And read it out loud to yourself.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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I ended up using one of these sites that give you a random prompt and got a pretty good story out of it. I'll admit it's far from perfect but I'm first on the workshop schedule and this is my last big project of the quarter so it should all be good, especially once I get some caffeine in me.

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Rant about getting out of Chicago from Rosemont last night, in the form of an email to the bitch who bitched me out for not being able to get to our meeting last night from anthro lab. Names removed to protect the bitchy.

Since you seem very keen on finding out where I was last night, let me break down my day for you.

3 PM: Leave our actual location in Chicago.

3-5 PM: Get confused by directions, become unable to find way onto North I-94, have actual way can get on derailed by construction, spend next few hours wandering around towns and consulting iPhone and finally locals to find out how to finally get onto i-94 North, which happens around 5 PM.

6:30 PM: Finally cross state border.

7: Stop to refuel on gas just short of Milwaukee, which we are running low on, and for our other van to catch up with us, as they got caught up in tolls on the highway. End up eating dinner in the area.

7:30: Back on road, The journey from here to campus ends up taking about two hours, and I realize about 7:50 I'm probably not going to be back in time, send you guys email.

9:15 - 9:30ish: Actually arrive on campus, drop stuff in room, and try to find you guys, do not succeed.

Now, I'm sorry if I'm sounding a bit bitchy about this, but this was a major source of stress yesterday, and what should've been tops a three and a half hour drive that would have gotten me back to Appleton in MORE than enough time ended up turning into a six hour nightmare drive from hell that put me arriving at way past way I wanted/intended to. I did not intentionally avoid you as you seem to think I did from what you were saying, and yes, I take a bit of offense that that's what you seem to be thinking.

I'm sorry that I didn't make it in time, and that I missed you despite trying to meet at this time to make sure that I was back, but you know what? I had originally planned for about a two and a half hour cushion in our arriving back on campus. Getting as utterly lost as we did and construction fucking with both traffic and trying to find the right route ends up derailing that a fair bit.

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Dear new roommate,

The ad that we put out for the place said NO DRUGS. I thought that would make it clear. You seem like a cool guy, but on day one I come back from a walk to see you on the front step smoking a joint. Whatever, I can look the other way on that. Today you come back with a whole bunch of crap to grow plants in your closet. Um, fuck no. You can't do that here. We don't care if it's technically legal. We said NO DRUGS. Don't bullshit us. You say you talked it over with James. Bullshit. He never would have said it was okay. So we don't care if you're out $100 because we said no. Don't be such a pouty bitch about it. You should have expected this. The ad said NO DRUGS. Or were you high when you read the ad and missed that?

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