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Update: Turns out the guy is thirty-three year old nontrad Tea Party troll bait asshole who is convinced that we're all listening to the "liberal media" and that we don't have any "facts". It's so fun throwing the actual bill in his face right at the moment.

(Nothing against old people and nontrads.)

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So today the company sent out a FAQ about the bounced check situation and some other stuff that employees in the closing stores are asking about. Two things immediately stuck out to me.

1) There will be no employee transfers. None. Once your store is empty, you're done. There's also a hiring freeze for two months, so even if you quit, then re-applied to another store, they're not taking people. Doesn't effect me since I've already decided that I'm done with this company, but there are people that have worked here even longer than me that are now shit out of luck. At least they'll get severance pay for all those years, right?

2) Employees in closing stores are "not eligible" for severance pay. If we're not eligible, then who the fuck is? Thousands of people are about to be unemployed, many of whom, myself included, were depending on that money to survive on.

I'm so beyond fucking pissed right now.

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