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Guest DCAUFan1051
I'm sick, I'm broke, it's a thousand degrees in this room, and Cartoon Network is showing live-action movies, which just makes no sense.

CN is the worst network on TV!!!! gotta love Boomerang though :D

I've already gone through 2 fusion cartridges and my beard isn't even more then 25% gone DAMNIT!!!!

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How can the Mega Man game be sold out?

Har har (realizes potential ignorance on the situation).

Seriously, TSN blocked out the Bomber game for like the first quarter until they seemed to get the picture it was sold out, and lifted it, I didn't realise this till halftime when my friend who I complained about this to went channel surfing and found it, so it kinda worked out.

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Laziness means I wait until now to do a small assignment that is due tomorrow. I need to be up at 7AM tomorrow with this thing done, and I'm just getting nowhere on this, obviously writing this instead of writing the damn paper. Also listening to old WFP on my quest to catch up. Oh well, sleep deprivation is fun.

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Guest DCAUFan1051
I have lost my 30GB mp3 player and I'm afraid it might have been stolen when I left my car window open by accident one day at school this past week.

God damn it.

sorry to hear about that james.

I know this is the vent thread but everyone wish me luck tomorrow going to the "BIG" boss to ask for a raise considering all the others in my same field got one I think it's only fair I do. So here's hoping :yes:

hey mike we need a bottoms up or a "toast" emoticon :D or even a break a leg type of thing LOL :D

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I went to see two wrestling shows this weekend with friends, and I have to drive about 100 miles each way each time, which is fine, but then I realise I've got to drive 180 miles north on Monday morning for work. I finally get back about 1am Monday, get four hours sleep, drive all the way up there, spend the morning driving around trying to get some gear made up for an equipment installation, finish at 1pm and then drive back. Thats like 560 miles in 24 hours on about 4 hours sleep. To top it off I stopped to download some podcasts on my laptop, I stick them on the ipod, the ipod crashes and my PC battery dies so I can't fix it.

If I wasn't in the office watching It's Always Sunny In Philadephia all of today I'd have serious claim to being overworked.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

:fight: :grumble:

OK the program manager that is my boss said she'd take my request to the Exec Director but it probably won't happen me getting a raise because my employement package is included with grant money and if the goddamn grant hasn't increased in funds I don't get no fuckin raise.

To break it down for everyone I work for a non-profit childcare facility. my job is basically the same as a On-Site Apartment Manager but they call it "Live in Resident" meaning I live where I work. I get paid a stipend salary and have a free apt. Granted I'm not complaining about not having to pay rent but I've gotten a salary increase for the last 4 years that I've been doing the job. my job description basically states I'm on-call 24/7 and I have days off. I basically have to be here from 6P-7A granted I live here and am at home a majority of the time but everytime I've tried to take a night off which is very infrequent for me my boss gives me grief over it. Even when I went up to Massachusetts to move my mother down here the big wigs gave me grief over that too. I've quite literally bled for this company.

There was a situation back in May 2005 where one of our clients and his supossed girlfriend were fighting. Well he was saying stuff like he was gonna beat her ass and basically threatening her life. I was trying to calm him down because if he would have done anything to her he'd be in big trouble. This girl was saying that the kid she was carrying was his and everything so I'm facing him she's behind me I'm trying to get him to go back in his apartment. All the while she is yelling and screaming behind me. So I turn to her and say "can you please leave? if you don't leave I'll have to call the police." she pushed me and I defensivey put my arm up and pushed out back on her.

All of a sudden she pulls a knife on me and stabs and drags the knife down my left arm. It looked like a very small combat knife. Although I'm not sure I know it wasn't a butterfly knife or switchblade. So she lunges into my arm and drags the knife down towards the direction of my hand. After she walked away I just stood there I didn't feel anything at all. I was on the phone with 911 and as soon as I sat on the steps of the building is when I began to feel anything. Someone went inside and got a towel to wrap my arm up. I'm left handed and it was my left arm she cut I have a mild case of cerebral palsy that I was born with so using my right hand wasn't an option. I was in such a rage induced state of adrenaline I waved the person with the towel off then just surrenderered to letting them wrap it up. I could SEE inside my fucking arm.

The ambulance got there and then I went to the hospital the Trauma Doc said if I wasn't overweight I'd be dead this chick cut through 6 layers of my tissue and if she'd hit my atery in my arm POOF no more Mike Blanchard. I got 15 stitches. 13 on the surface of my arm and 2 ninside my arm that dissolved. We went to court the judge asked her when she was due she said july the judge says to her "great another kid in jail having a kid." She was 16 years old. She got 6 months then probation. I have a restraining order on her and everything I haven't seen her ever again.

My point behind the above incident is this job takes advantage of me but when I ask for anything it's like oh well we'll have to see but probably not.

Granted it's gotten a lot better since 3 years ago but still come on a majority of all the other employees got raises why not me damnit. Also when I got stabbed they didn't even allow me to file for workmans comp even though it happened on the job :sick:

Here's a pic of the scar on my arm from when I got stabbed.


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Well, to continue the "Austen's life runs into a brick wall" Story, here's today's chapter.

Yesterday my 9am lecture doesn't start till half 9 as the guy doesn't know he has to give a lecture and comes in totally unprepared.

What followed was the longest thirty minutes later!

This guy rabbled about being in Dubai or Uganda and how he is a top journalist in the final six to win a guardian prize.

Anyway this has nothing to do with news-gathering and which is what the class is meant to be. The best is yet to come, he then tells us that all we have to know about news-gathering is the ABC's which I get ready to take down, he then goes off on how him and Jamiroquai are good friends!

When he finally does give the notes which are worthless, he then goes back to his story and then tells us to find story's written by someone else and rip them up off. Here's a quote.

Right, what you are meant to do is, read through all the storys from the local and national papers, and take that story, copy and past it, but if you write for the record, don't write in their style. Take that story and put it into your own words and make it into your house style.

tell me that is not a contradictory statement!

he then gives us homework to find two story's and be able to rip them off.

So to add to all my fucking annoyance with this course, I am now paying money that I don't have travelling for two hours a day, losing even more money because of that.

I am so close to just saying fuck this course and going to find a job which is next to impossible!

Fucking hell I am so angry about this crap.

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Is there no one you can report that piss-poor lecture to?

I don't think so, the guys a freelance lecturer. That's what's worrying me, why would a University hire a freelance permanent lecturer?

I'm saying this as the first assessment Paper has to be in, on the 20th of October.

If I don't quit this course this year to find a job, I am going to ask to be transferred to another Uni.

It annoys me that another lecturer who is really good and knows what she's talking about told me the exact opposite of everything he said.

I may not have mentioned the other thing he said:

Use the internet when you can, it is a great resource. E-mail is a great contact maker
That's not exactly what he said, but he did say that he prefers doing interviews through e-mail, rather than phone or in person.

Someone's reply

We were told not to use the internet as people can fob you off

I swear he said this

Well, that's what I like about it, I can let my replying t to them when I'm good and ready

Sorry about using the quotes for this, but this is really annoying.

It's really fucking depressing, I am not spending four years learning to pretty much rip off other peoples work.

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