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Sorry George.

I went to a session for boys today at school and heard things that put just about any complaints besides a death in a whole new light.

I urge everyone here to be thankful that they have what they have because it can get so much worse.

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I've gone all health-obsessed today, checking out a couple of local gyms to get out of my recent cold & dark induced funk. Firstly, I wish they'd talk about the prices of memberships on the damn websites. I was going in to check them out anyway but now I'm dreading the whole faux-interested in me sales pitch when I know that as soon as I'm in there booked to a 12 month minimum contract they'll abandon me like the 12 year-old daughter of a Mormon family. Why not just make it easy on me? I'm going in to both places this evening with the mentality that I'm going to screw with them and play them against each other as much as possible just to see how they like it.

Secondly I'm checking the whole Body Mass Index thing again, and I think its horseshit. I dropped from 245 to 195 last year, and reckon I could get down to about 180 by the summer, and that would be absolutely IT. I'd have nothing left of me to lose at that point without paying a visit to Hannibal Lecter. Seriously, I have family members getting concerned when I talk about going down that far. BMI calculator insists that I'd still be overweight. I'd have to drop to 168 to be my recommended weight for my height (5'10"). Now I get that this should be different for different people. It has the disclaimer saying its not accurate for muscular people or whatever. I'm not muscular. I have a physical job but I'm really not built like that. I just think this thing is massively detrimental by applying such a narrow definition to ideal weight. This could cause serious self-esteem issues for people, even health problems as people try to achieve the unachievable. Its just not a helpful tool, and every time I've used it this has become clearer and clearer, and yet its so prevalent when it comes to advice on weight loss. We need a more complex but more accurate tool for this sort of thing.

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I came home for the long weekend/school break to unwind and relax. It didn't work, instead I'm aggrivated by my 15 year old brother's pothead friends, have no reason to leave the house and to top it all off I got dial-up internet again.

Also my phone is broken.

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I just blasted a supplier for our company. I ordered a small group of items last week and expected the last of them today. Two of the items are with me and fine, the last isn't but could be soon. The problem wasn't this small failing in the service, it was the completely uninvolved way the company dealt with me. I've been chasing this stuff for the last five days and I've placed around 12 phone calls, each time asking for faxed confirmation of the prices of the items AND a call back ASAP when they had traced the stock to send me. I never once got a call back, I never got those prices. I was repeatedly lied to or misinformed as to the location of the items, their condition, the likely delivery date, whatever they could come up with to get rid of me.

This is the last item on a month long job for our entire firm. This is the culmination of a lot of work, and lot of labor and and lot of trouble. We cannot invoice until I get this stuff to our client. I shouldn't be forced to chase a supplier of ours for the small shit just because THEY don't seem to care.

The thing is that I truly think that there were people there trying to do their jobs, but the fact that they were so hampered by the rest of them really hurts the company.

This is only like the third time in 5 years that I've got pissed at someone outside our company professionally, which is quite an achievement considering the amount of organizing I do every day. It doesn't quite equal the cold-call salesman who I hung up on, that was just fun. He wouldn't shut up so I put the phone down. He called back to speak to my boss to complain, and whilst I was sat directly across from our company director I told him that every time he called he would deal with me and only me, and I could not care less what he was selling. He was about the 4th guy from the same company to call me that morning so I was at the end of my rope.

This one wasn't as much fun, but I'm still satisfied at the end of the day.

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